Saturday, August 29, 2009

Conversation with an 8 year old

My favorite 8 year old, Parker, now has an email account. Here's our first interaction:

Hello Parker,
How are you today? Did you have fun
playing with PJ and the kids yesterday? Do you have any homework from school?
What is your teacher like? Have you made any new friends?

I'm so glad
you have an email address! I will write to you, okay?


Thanks for email Bonnie. I do have new friends.I did have fun with PJ
and his brother's.


It made me smile, thus qualifying it as a needed post on ye olde blog.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Freak Out!

It's Friday night at around 8:30 and I'm typing this as I listen to a variety of 80's disco songs loaded on my i-pod by my music savvy friend Anita. It's rather ironic because I am indeed freaking out right now. I have fought against it since Monday at about 1:17 p.m. when I met with a specialist following several months of feeling run down and fighting off one sinus infection, fever, or sore throat after another. I ended up going to an InstaCare the Monday of convention. My blood work showed I was anemic, so I began taking mega doses of iron and went to my regular doc for a follow up. He did blood work and told me he thought I was having a reaction to the drug I was on for the silly (in my opinion, I know it's serious to those who truly suffer from it) Restless Leg Syndrome. He told me to slowly take myself off the drug and come in for a repeat blood test the following week. He also put me on a strong antibiotic (my third in 24 days). The repeat blood test was still off, but showed I actually had too much iron in my system-so I went off the iron and was scheduled to meet with a hematologist to talk about what was going on. Here's where the first freak began: "Utah Cancer Specialists; How can I help you?" What? I thought I had the wrong number. Deep breath.

Thus began the beginning of my long waits. One week to meet with the specialist. Three hours for the appointment. Another blood test just to make sure things were still off. Talking to the doc, okay, listening to him explain the reasons for anemia and telling me the story my blood is telling him indicates a blood marrow disorder. Well, doesn't that sound nice! Knowing I would Google it anyway, he spoke frankly about things like leukemia, lymphoma...and my mind kind of closed up. It was reassuring to hear him lay it all out and explain we should begin by doing a bone marrow biopsy to start with, it may be he's wrong and this is some other issue with my colon, kidneys, or liver, but we might as well know what we're dealing with, I should be able to get a biopsy done this week and have results within two days. Okay. It's Monday, so if I have the test tomorrow I'll know by Friday. I can handle that. What? Nursing shortage, will call later with a biopsy time, nice person on phone telling me the biopsy will be Tuesday, Sept 1 (Sept 1? Isn't it still Aug 5? What the heck!) and since the test is in the afternoon, the results won't be guaranteed until Friday Sept 4 and the doc doesn't work Fridays oh and Monday is a holiday so could I come back for the results on Tuesday, Sept 8th? I heard myself say sure. Call my team, call my sisters, call my friends...

Put on a happy face. All will be well. Work is a blessing. Loving family, great friends. Prayers, love, concern, phone calls. When will it be normal again? Speaking of normal, what about this itching? I feel tired. Is that from lack of sleep (the voices of darkness seek me out each night), from the anxiety of not knowing, or from something more sinister?

So tonight I'm being obedient to the i-pod.

Ahh, Freak Out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stampin' Up! Convention

Ahh, Convention! I have sufficiently recovered to hit the highlights of the week. I love SU's annual convention. As a demonstrator, I always get tons of ideas and feel rejuvenated and revved up. As an employee, I get to reconnect with demo friends, make new demo and employee friends, and watch my team be simply amazing!

I was thrilled to have some time with Jacque Craig (my soul twin in Hawaii). I met her last year at Founder's Circle and we found out we have many things in common. While I don't get much face time with her, she's a familiar friend already. Know what I mean-someone you feel like you've known forever?

I can't even begin to mention names of other demonstrators-I know I would forget someone! When I close my eyes I see and feel a sea of smiles, hugs, quick visits and affirmations. I am amazed at how many of these wonderful women truly impact my life. They probably have no idea how much I look forward to even the briefest of moments with them. It might even be pathetic in a 'you don't have a life' sort of way-but I truly feel blessed to be around them.
I met some new demo friends and look forward to sharing gluten free recipes with them! Bring it on, ladies!

As for connecting with employees, I love to visit with Paula Hogan and Pam Harbin at our events. Seems I don't get enough time with them-so just eating a meal together reminds me of their great personalities and talents. I try to eat with people I don't normally work with just to give me a chance to get to know other people better.

My team (Amanda, Holly, Mark, Carrie, Shannon & Donna) was amazing! Amanda and Holly were mostly behind the scenes, but their support made the breakout classes go smoothly. Mark stepped in for Ben at the last minute and did a great job interviewing Lisa Fast. He's a terrific guy and I like seeing him get a chance to present. Donna's class with Missy Shipman was so polished! They worked together very well and Donna really helped Missy to shine. It was informative and motivating. Shannon had a big challenge to coordinate everything Ruth, Joan and Christina needed for demo theater-and she presented some fun ideas herself! The three demo presenters really benefited from Shannon's dedication. I was glad she also got some time to stamp on stage and have fun doing it. She's an amazingly dedicated gypsy! Sweet, talented Carrie was my convention lead-so she took care of sooooo many details in preparation for the event-then she researched and presented a great break out class and stamped on main stage! Wow-what a lot to juggle. She came through like the professional she is. Love her to death.

I also got to present at the last general session. My oldest sister Loene and my two darling friends Anita and Cathi came to watch. It was so much fun to stamp for the demonstrators. What a rush! I had a fun ending to the presentation-Jill Kocherhans and I sang a couple of years ago at an NBA ball game (such an amazing experience) and I tricked her into thinking Anita needed us to sing at a Ute event the week after convention. We rehearsed quite a bit the weeks prior, then on Friday right after Spencer finished singing, Jill said "You and I should sing sometime," and I said, "Oh, we will!" Then I explained that we were really singing together the next day and she cried because she was so touched and excited. I don't know why, but I wanted it to be a surprise. I hope our Canadian demos understood and didn't feel slighted. A demo posted the song on YouTube, so here it is!

All in all it was a great week. I wasn't feeling 100%, but I loved every minute of it.