Tuesday, August 21, 2012

257.4: The Truth Delayed...

Delayed carb loading weight from Sunday? I'm guessing...

Hittin' it hard, folks! This gal aint-a-gonna give up without a fight...

Monday, August 20, 2012

254.4: Slippery Slope Saturday and Hard Core Carb Sunday

When I weighed this morning I was prepared for the worst. If 254.4 is the worst, I'm relieved.

You may be asking, "Why are you relieved? You didn't lose weight."

Allow me to elaborate. Last week was the hardest I've had since I began Medifast in June. I know it's because I've been 'sneaking' bites of this and that for a while. I tried really hard last week, but the hormones made it super-duper hard. Whine. Blame. Still, I saw 252.4 on the scale and I hoped to see 249.something by Sunday.

Friday I began to detour from my path to success. I was shopping at Target and picked up a Lindt caramel sea salt milk chocolate bar. Mistake #1, but I thought maybe a small bite of quality chocolate would help me scratch my itch. As I was shopping, I saw some ice cream toppings (little jars of peanut butter chips and sprinkles and chocolate chips and sprinkles) that looked tasty for a bit of sweet treat so I chose those instead of the candy bar. Mistake #2; twice the calories and half the quality. I ate much of one jar on the way home from the store--even though there were some cookie bits (gluten) in with the chocolate and sprinkles--mistake #3.

I made a taco bar for me and a friend on Saturday. I had chicken and beef fillings, crispy taco shells and all the fixin's including guacamole, cheese, rice and beans. Oh, and chips. Yummy chips. You know how I am with salty stuff... Made myself a taco salad and felt pretty darn good about things. Sent leftovers home with my friend and again felt pretty darn good about things. Then I saw the bag of chips. Yummy chips. What? How did I miss those? Did you know chips and cheese = nachos? I had nachos Saturday night.

...and three times on Sunday. To make matters worse, on Sunday I finished both jars of ice cream toppings and only had 32 ounces of water to drink. I didn't eat even one Medifast meal. Not one. I also didn't eat enough protein. By Sunday evening I had a terrible headache. I'd been fighting a cold since Saturday morning and the carb-fest didn't help at all.

Back on track today. Have had three Medifast meals so far, my Lean and Green, and 98 ounces of water. I'm hanging out with friends stamping and swimming, so there have been treats. I've done quite well--not 100% but much better than yesterday. Things can only get better, huh?

I hope so!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

254.6: Grumpiness vs. Happines

I am fighting the PMS grumps today. Hair looks bad; stringy and flat. Glasses are buggin'. Clothes are touching me in too many places. I'm hot, I'm cold, it's muggy in the training room so I'm not attending the rehearsals. Whine, whine, whine.

Food? Well I polished off a jar of peanut butter and ate a half a can of wasabi almonds last night--finished the almonds on the way to work. That's a measly 1200 calories of nuts. ARGH!

I've smiled at myself in the mirror. My cubicle buddy Tyler gave me a smiley face on a post-it note. Rick told me my hair looks fine.

I am responsible for the energy I bring with me today. I need positive energy myself.

I choose to be happy.

I think.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

253: Back to Work (In Many Ways)

Still losing! I love that.

I took Monday-Wednesday off work to hang out with my sisters. We are working on a chapter about our grandma for a family book and we put it off so long it required a bit of sequestering to accomplish the task.

I was a little worried about sticking to my Medifast program, but the opposite happened. On Monday I just did my thing, so Tuesday and Wednesday the sisters joined me! They didn't have Medifast meals of course, but we did our best to match the nutritional value with other 'meals'. It really helped me to have their support, and they genuinely are excited about it. Both of them are still at it. Yay!

I've been a little loose with my program this week, so I'm back to paying attention to the details.

All is well!

Friday, August 3, 2012

257.8: Tripped up by a trip, I guess...

I'm in a bit of scale shock this morning. I do wonder if it's a bit skewed because of flying on Wednesday, but I assumed by today any water retention would be gone. I admit to not being 100% diligent while on vacation.

I left last Saturday for a short trip to Bristow, Virginia. It was wonderful to see Katie, Tamsin, Emma and Sam. My intent for the visit was to do just that--visit. I miss having them closer to Utah where I could see them more often. We shopped, watched the Olympics and Bunheads, rented a couple of movies, played with Emma and laughed at her continual quirkiness, talked, relaxed and ate super yummy bacon wrapped chicken. Oh, we did throw in a visit to Mt. Vernon (or Mountain Vernon as Emma calls it) since it's only about 40 minutes from Tamsin's home. It was cool to learn more about George Washington and to see the home. We had a great time there!

How did Medifast go while tripping? Well, let's see.... For the flights over and back, I made pancakes and brownies ahead of time, then also ate some of the Nacho Cheese Puffs. I chose these instead of shakes just because they were a bit more portable and shaking up a drink on a plane felt kind of, oh, I don't know, attention-grabbing? So, it wasn't hard to stay on track in the airports and such. On the flights over I did have 4 packages of peanuts (two on each flight). On the way back, on one flight I had a package of peanuts and the other flight I ate one Bischoff cookie--oh, and spicy tomato juice which I think has sugar in it...

I didn't drink nearly as much water as I have been. Most days I drink 128 oz. By the way, if you're not impressed by that, you should be... :) Anywho, I averaged was between 32 and 48 oz while I was there. My fault. I also had nibbles of popcorn--I'd guess (that say's it all--"I'd guess") a total of 1 cup with butter, 4 of Katie's gluten-free sugar cookies (spelling out London and with the Olympic rings in honor of the Olympics) over a span of three days, 4 Dorito taco flavored chips, 3 strawberries, 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes at least 4 times (it would be easier to say 1 cup, but I'm painting a picture here folks), 2 slices of bacon, 3 miniature marshmallows, about 10 chips with salsa when we went to lunch, 10 french fries...that's all I can think of to list right now. Geesh! I wonder what I ate that I can't even remember.

Wow. The list makes it easier to see the reason I gained. So, today begins the three days it takes to get back into fat burning mode. I'm on a quest!