Tuesday, July 30, 2013

276.4: Knowledge is Power

I haven't weighed since my last blog post, but as you can see from the weight gain I've certainly eaten. Lots of treats. Not very much fuel. I know I haven't been in control of myself. I'm giving myself a break because I'm still healing. I turn to food for comfort when I'm bored, tired, in pain. Ergo, the non-stop eating. I am, after all, human. Or am I rationalizing poor choices? Hmm.

Recovery update: I worked Monday and Tuesday last week then stayed home the rest of the week. I think I wore the wrong kind of shoes and/or walked too much on Tuesday at work because my left calf muscle tightened up like a drum and then began to spasm. I spent much of Wednesday and all of Thursday icing and heating it. I won't lie--I was pretty miserable. However, I think it was a blessing in disguise because I'm feeling much more fit for work in mind and body this week. Tomorrow it will be six weeks since the surgery. I kinda think it takes six weeks for your body to process all the anesthesia stuff out of your system. Regardless, I'm feeling much better--I'd say 90% functioning. Yay!

I have a Medifast order coming this Friday and enough meals to get me to that point, so I'm back on program. Here are my goals:

1) Drink 120 oz of water. I quit doing that.
2) Track all food. I quit doing that.
3) Eat all my Medifast meals.

I hope your quest for health is going better than mine! Hey, we're not giving up, are we? NEVER!

Monday, July 22, 2013

267.2: Back to Work

I'm ba-ack! (Sung in a slightly sinister voice like.) I am returning to work today and shall attempt to repeat this amazing feat two other days this week (I have Friday off and get to take another day off as a convention thank you day).

Last week was Stampin' Up!'s annual convention here in Salt Lake City. There were 5800 demonstrators attending. It was such a full week--and one I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world. Blessedly, my knee did very well. I stayed at the Marriott directly across the street from the Salt Palace and SU arranged a nifty jazzy scooter for me--that's the only way I could really attend. I was able to go to the hotel for a few hours each day and put my knee up. I snuck in one day of physical therapy also. The scooter required me to keep my knee bent which was both good and bad--helpful for my flexion, but I think it kind of wore me out too. The pain wasn't too bad either. I was able to keep on top of it with Tylenol and ibuprofen most of the time. One night I took a Lortab. Overall, the week was successful and very fulfilling. I truly have the best job in the world!

Last night is the first that I felt deep, deep pain. Not extreme pain, but the deep in the bone kind. I was so tired I just kind of flailed around and slept through it. I was actually grateful to wake up this morning and get moving around. I'd rather have sore muscle pain than that bone deep kind.

The diet begins again today. I'm in need of a Medifast order, but I have enough meals to get me moving in the right direction until I can get one. Several of my demonstrator friends have inspired me by their results. It's so much fun to see them healthy and happy. I want to feel that way again also. Soon my knee won't be a barrier to some walks around the neighborhood. Until then, I can be riding my stationary bike more. All of that should help me along the way, right?

I'll keep posting my progress. Thanks for reading and caring!

Monday, July 8, 2013

266.6: History repeats itself

This is exactly what I weighed last year at this time! In one way that's hard to admit because I hoped to be in such a different place. In another way I feel glad that I've basically kept off the weight I lost.

I thought during my knee recovery I'd have all sorts of time to examine my eating habits and my emotional connection to food. I do have the time, but not the focus. Or maybe I don't want to. As I'm healing I'm certainly trying to fuel my body instead of using food as a crutch. I haven't been following Medifast. Neighbors and friends have brought me some delicious, nutritious meals and I'm trying to enjoy the food in moderation. My plan is to Medifast again after the upcoming Stampin' Up! convention next week. Woot, woot!

Nothing too exciting this post, but wanted to update things.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

268.6: 4th of July

Something's wrong with the blogger program today, so the formatting is all off. Sorry! Happy 4th of July! I'm currently positioned at station #2 enjoying a surprisingly cool 70 degree morning. Katie and Annette are bustling about the house cleaning up breakfast, chasing cobwebs from the light in my bedroom that have plagued me ever since I came home, and getting readyfor the day. I feel content and happy to be on this side of the knee replacement. Let me back up a bit and recount the past weeks since I've been absent from the blog-o-sphere during the early days of my recovery. Wed, June 19 at 10:00 I was surgered at Alta View hospital. Most of that day is a blur of pushing the pain med button every 10 minutes. Loene was with me the majority of the day. PT came to get me up to walk, but all I could do was sit on the edge of the bed. I was so lightheaded! Thurs, June 20 - Sat, June 22 held such joys as having the drain removed (ouch), trying to drink broth, doing a few walks with PT (ne of which nearly had me passed out in front of the nurses' station), washing my hair (joy), visiting with friends (more joy) and letting Loene and the wonderful nursing staff take care of me. My pain was pretty well controlled. The only intolerable thing was the itching the pain meds caused. Once I realized that's what was happening we also got that under control. On Saturday June 22 I transferred to Rocky Mountain Care. It's a short stay full care facility where l could get ongoing nursing as well as begin physical and occupational therapy. I was devastated to see they were putting me in a shared room. I know I sound spoiled, but I was in a private room last time, so I just assumed. Well, I fell apart when the admissions nurse was interviewing me. Darling Brooke, sweet Brooke, great-at-her-job Brooke told me she had just discharged someone and they would get me moved as soon as possible. It took hours to get me into the room--we later learned housekeeping had gone already and Brooke cleaned and sanitized the room herself. Really! My hero. I was so emotional that night--I felt sad and weepy and alone. When I was still crying all day Sunday I realized it was the anesthesia. Schwoo! It was a relief to know I wasn't really losing it. Monday June 24 - Friday June 28 I did physical and occupational therapy every day. I began with PT each day at 8:00 a.m. It worked best for me to do it on an empty stomach and to get it over early. My physical therapist was great--kind of scary and tough which was good for me. My OT, on the other hand, set my teeth on edge. A very intense young woman who really takes her work seriously, I found her to be condescending and overbearing. I know she was just doing her job, but did I really need a safety belt while I sat in a chair and did the arm bicycle? Oh, and she was so distressed that I wanted to shower without the CNA's help that she requested to observe me! I was more bugged by her questioning my judgement than the invasion of privacy. Just too intense for me. Nevertheless, I survived. I had tons of visitors which helped immensley. Friday June 28 I came home to begin the real work of getting around the house with a new knee. Loene, Katie and Annette have taken turns being with me. They have been amazing at filling the ice machine (a lovely thing that keeps my knee from swelling), feeding me, doing laundry, and just entertaining me. Helping them have been a myriad of friends bringing ice, caffeine free Diet Coke, meals, and generally distracting me from the pain of recovery. I began outpatient Physical Therapy on Monday and thought I'd die just from the ride to the facility with my leg down and not on ice. The therapist is very homework based and only wants me to come in a few times each week. He says the most improtant therapy will happen at home - I do simple exercises for 5 minutes every two hours. I can't believe how much more I can do now than I could do on Monday! I love to see the progress and feel very hopeful about a continuing quick recovery. I haven't been dieting. I will begin that battle again soon. Maybe tomorrow. :)