Tuesday, July 30, 2013

276.4: Knowledge is Power

I haven't weighed since my last blog post, but as you can see from the weight gain I've certainly eaten. Lots of treats. Not very much fuel. I know I haven't been in control of myself. I'm giving myself a break because I'm still healing. I turn to food for comfort when I'm bored, tired, in pain. Ergo, the non-stop eating. I am, after all, human. Or am I rationalizing poor choices? Hmm.

Recovery update: I worked Monday and Tuesday last week then stayed home the rest of the week. I think I wore the wrong kind of shoes and/or walked too much on Tuesday at work because my left calf muscle tightened up like a drum and then began to spasm. I spent much of Wednesday and all of Thursday icing and heating it. I won't lie--I was pretty miserable. However, I think it was a blessing in disguise because I'm feeling much more fit for work in mind and body this week. Tomorrow it will be six weeks since the surgery. I kinda think it takes six weeks for your body to process all the anesthesia stuff out of your system. Regardless, I'm feeling much better--I'd say 90% functioning. Yay!

I have a Medifast order coming this Friday and enough meals to get me to that point, so I'm back on program. Here are my goals:

1) Drink 120 oz of water. I quit doing that.
2) Track all food. I quit doing that.
3) Eat all my Medifast meals.

I hope your quest for health is going better than mine! Hey, we're not giving up, are we? NEVER!

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  1. Glad you have a plan! and that you are feeling better, look forward to hearing that your at 100%. sending Love and hugs and Praying for you too.