Monday, March 25, 2013

??? Better Attitude & Pizza

I am feeling grateful. Happy and blessed. Other than some knee pain, I am healthy. No more sinus goo. I can smell and taste food.

Food is good. I need food. I need to remember to be nicer to myself and relax.

I got a call last Friday morning. Shelli had been sick all night and wasn't going to make it to the Stampin' Up! St. Louis regional. I did some fast work and got a flight to St. Louis. It was such a fun regional--there was a Comic-con event down the hall. How often do you see aliens, Lego heads, wizards, princesses, Dr. Who look-alikes, and stampers in the same area? We fit right in! Really, the day was lovely. Being with stampers is always fun and re-energizing.

I did okay with food. Okay, in this case, is good.

I made a yummy pinterest treat today. Zucchini pizza bites. They were soooo tasty!

Here's the link:

Here's what they look like:
Pinned Image

I hope you're having a good day and can also find something to be grateful for!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

270.2: Ignorance Is Dangerous

No news is bad news when it comes to the Bonnie-on-a-weight-loss-journey blog. I tried, I really tried. For three days in March, I tried.

I have one excuse after another (traveling, illness, stress) but it boils down to this: I quit caring.

Caring takes time and energy. I feel like I am in short supply of both right now.

Last Thursday I told my niece Tamsin that I was going to work very hard for three weeks and see where I am. When I hugged her goodbye on Saturday, she wished me luck for the next three weeks and I had no idea what she was referring to. If I can't stay focused on this goal for three days, how am I going to for three weeks?

Today is day one back with Medifast. I have found in the past that I generally don't do as well when I repeat a program as I do the first time around. I think I learn how to cheat and still lose the first time around, so I start again by cheating. Then the cycle of "if I can't do it 100%, why do it at all?" comes into play.

Wow! I sound like a mess, huh? Sorry for the blog sob, I just need to vent.

I want to stop for a taco on the way home. A taco isn't bad. The problem is it will open the door to other things and I don't want to open that door.

Here's my survival plan for tonight:
1) Drink water on the way home
2) Eat 1 cup chopped chicken salad (I had 1 cup for lunch) to complete my Lean and Green.
3) Have my Medifast cookie at 8:30
4) Go to bed early.

Pray for me. And if you have any sage advice, please share!