Wednesday, March 20, 2013

270.2: Ignorance Is Dangerous

No news is bad news when it comes to the Bonnie-on-a-weight-loss-journey blog. I tried, I really tried. For three days in March, I tried.

I have one excuse after another (traveling, illness, stress) but it boils down to this: I quit caring.

Caring takes time and energy. I feel like I am in short supply of both right now.

Last Thursday I told my niece Tamsin that I was going to work very hard for three weeks and see where I am. When I hugged her goodbye on Saturday, she wished me luck for the next three weeks and I had no idea what she was referring to. If I can't stay focused on this goal for three days, how am I going to for three weeks?

Today is day one back with Medifast. I have found in the past that I generally don't do as well when I repeat a program as I do the first time around. I think I learn how to cheat and still lose the first time around, so I start again by cheating. Then the cycle of "if I can't do it 100%, why do it at all?" comes into play.

Wow! I sound like a mess, huh? Sorry for the blog sob, I just need to vent.

I want to stop for a taco on the way home. A taco isn't bad. The problem is it will open the door to other things and I don't want to open that door.

Here's my survival plan for tonight:
1) Drink water on the way home
2) Eat 1 cup chopped chicken salad (I had 1 cup for lunch) to complete my Lean and Green.
3) Have my Medifast cookie at 8:30
4) Go to bed early.

Pray for me. And if you have any sage advice, please share!


  1. Dearest Bonnie I think sometimes we try too hard or it consumes our focus and we forget to enjoy life and all that entails. Don't be so hard on yourself ... Take a couple of days, do the things you love - stamp a card or three, take the dog for a walk, visit with a friend, pray and seek the right path to take and take the time to find that path and remember that just because one path was the right path for someone else doesn't mean that is the path you should take our will work for you. I will keep you in my prayers and give you a hug in Brisbane in May ;)

  2. Sending big hugs and prayers your way.

  3. Hope yesterday went well! It was great seeing you last weekend!!