Monday, January 20, 2014

My New Year's Resolution

2014: Bonnie's Year of Cheer. That's my resolution, my theme for the year. I am choosing to be cheerful. What a happy goal!

Here's my cheerful story for the week. After a lovely but tiring week in Houston for work, I was queuing up for the flight home when one of my co-workers said he'd been updgraded to First Class and offered me his seat! Who does that? My friend Derek.

In other news, I'm not cut out for diet pills. I tried Phentermine for about a month and a half and, to be honest, I'd rather be fat and happy than feel sick all the time. Not stomach sick, but kind of sinus pressure-y-just-not-myself sick. I may try to use it on the weekends only and see how I feel. My diet plan is to be sensible, eat right, and be moderate. Easier to write than to do.

My newest knee was nearly ready to exercise, then I took a little tumble at Leadership in Houston earlier this month. Picture this: I had taken about five steps into the hallway outside of my hotel room when my shoe caught on the carpet and I pitched forward. I did one of those take-a-few-more-steps dances, then landed face first like I was sliding into home. No one was in the hall, so I tried to stand up before anyone saw me. At that point I realized I wasn't going to be able to stand without some sort of support, so I rolled to a stranger's door and grabbed it to pull myself up. The door handle sure jiggled--I was relieved no one came to investigate. Can you imagine? Yikes! Well, I ended up with some lovely bruises, swelling, and some damaged ligaments.

Still, I need to get walking again. I know how much it helps me in all health aspects-mental and physical.

I also need to go on a TV diet. Not really sure what that will look like.