Monday, January 20, 2014

My New Year's Resolution

2014: Bonnie's Year of Cheer. That's my resolution, my theme for the year. I am choosing to be cheerful. What a happy goal!

Here's my cheerful story for the week. After a lovely but tiring week in Houston for work, I was queuing up for the flight home when one of my co-workers said he'd been updgraded to First Class and offered me his seat! Who does that? My friend Derek.

In other news, I'm not cut out for diet pills. I tried Phentermine for about a month and a half and, to be honest, I'd rather be fat and happy than feel sick all the time. Not stomach sick, but kind of sinus pressure-y-just-not-myself sick. I may try to use it on the weekends only and see how I feel. My diet plan is to be sensible, eat right, and be moderate. Easier to write than to do.

My newest knee was nearly ready to exercise, then I took a little tumble at Leadership in Houston earlier this month. Picture this: I had taken about five steps into the hallway outside of my hotel room when my shoe caught on the carpet and I pitched forward. I did one of those take-a-few-more-steps dances, then landed face first like I was sliding into home. No one was in the hall, so I tried to stand up before anyone saw me. At that point I realized I wasn't going to be able to stand without some sort of support, so I rolled to a stranger's door and grabbed it to pull myself up. The door handle sure jiggled--I was relieved no one came to investigate. Can you imagine? Yikes! Well, I ended up with some lovely bruises, swelling, and some damaged ligaments.

Still, I need to get walking again. I know how much it helps me in all health aspects-mental and physical.

I also need to go on a TV diet. Not really sure what that will look like.


  1. oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry that fall happened. I can't imagine you ever unhappy, is that odd. You seem to be the most positive person I know.
    I tried the garcinia cambogia, made me "go" and that was only on 1 pill a day not the 6 i should have taken, can you imagine??
    Having some tuff times right now, say a prayer for me ok?

    Hugs and lots of love from NH

  2. Do hope you are feeling better now that you have such happy news to share. We all love you Bonnie and no one more than your new fiancée. Still sound strange. You are lovely just the way you are and as you say small changes over time can make a huge difference. I am trying lots of vege, little amount of meet, cook a little extra as healthy lunches, and good old rolled oats with sweetener for brekkie. Snacks well piece of fruit. DONT WORRY! be happy

  3. Oh, Bonnie, that fall + roll + assist from a stranger's door handle sounded really rather painful and notsofunatall. But I bet you did it with style! :) (And how precious is Derek to offer you his first class seat?! I'm not surprised. He is just that kind of person.) I hope you're healed/healing, and things are going splendidly for you so far in your year of cheer. I love that goal to be cheerful!

    P.S. I went to the gym for the first time yesterday since week 6 of my pregnancy. It's amazing how out of shape I've become in such little time. But I know it works the same in reverse, too. Muscles and lungs and all remember how it feels to work harder and respond dutifully, thank goodness. :)
    P.P.S. How goes the TV diet? I may need to go on one of those as well . . . getting rid of cable for our Roku has helped some, but not as much as I'd thought. Hmm.
    P.P.P.S. Love you bunches & a barrel & a heap!