Tuesday, November 26, 2013

282.6: A hop across the pond

Hiyer! It's been a crazy month - we hosted the Rising Stars here at the office and I've been to England and back since last I wrote. It was wonderful--Stampin' Up! convention in Manchester.

I wish I had an earth shattering update regarding dieting. I don't. I am working with my doctor to see if I can find a way to suppress my appetite long enough to make better food decisions, but I've been travelling or had such an odd schedule for the past three weeks that I don't know if the pills are really doing anything. We'll see. Maybe once I get over jet lag and back into a routine? Wait! It's Thanksgiving in two days, then I fly to Washington DC for a conference. So much for a routine, huh?

The best thing I can report is I walked all over Manchester and didn't have achey knees every night. As a matter of fact, my calves hurt from walking so much. It's been years since I've been able to be active enough to have sore calves...yay!


  1. There is lots to be thankful for eh Bonnie! What a busy life you lead.
    Sending cyber digestive cookies they are only chocolate one side... You are beautiful just the way you are

  2. Bonnie, what a busy and exciting time for you! I imagine convention in Manchester was simply lovely. :) and now D.C.? Wow! I'm so happy to hear your knees have been feeling good and obliging your many travels! That is fabulous. :) won't you come travel my way sometime soon?? :) hope you had a delightful thanksgiving and safe travels to D.C.! Love you!