Thursday, August 8, 2013

271.4: Pinteresting Temptations

Yay! I've lost weight. I am happy about that! Big pat on the back cuz it wasn't easy!

Pinterest can be dangerous to a diet. Very. Dangerous. I decided to make some freezer meals to have on hand (friends are having babies or are busy and a quick meal might be just the thing), so I jumped onto my Pinterest board, Recipes To Try, to pick some, well, recipes to try. In doing so, I found brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, dips...oh so many lovely things.

I caved. Not bad, but I caved.

You're going to laugh, I promise. I ran across a recipe for carb 'free' pancakes - one mashed overripe banana and two eggs. I had eggs. I had an overripe banana. I made pancakes. They were nasty. I added 2 tablespoons of gluten free flour, some salt and vanilla and made some more. They were good. I ate 7 pancakes. With butter. And syrup. Yum!

So the battle continues. My main goal is to log every bite in Fitbit. I have a SU event in September and I would like to be 10 pounds thinner by then. Wait! My goal is to see 259.8 before I leave on September 17. There, now that's a goal.

How are you doing? Everyone happy? Good! You deserve it. Remember to eat for fuel, eat often, and eat enough. Your body, spirit and mind will all be happy.


  1. I love reading your blog, you inspire me! Keep up the good work my friend.....


  2. It's totally true that seeing tempting food can often equal eating tempting food! That's why I always make Jim (and myself) close our eyes during Red Lobster commercials, Olive Garden commercials, and m&m commercials. HAHA. I actually don't even really like Red Lobster and Olive Garden that much, but man, those commercials make me want them. BAD. (And well, I do love eating m&m's. That will always be true, and thus, I must close my eyes at the sight of them. :) )

    I'm so proud of you for getting back on track and you definitely deserve the rewards you're seeing on the scale! Enjoy them!

    Here's to reaching your goal for September 17! You can do it!!! (If I could do a toe touch and follow it up with sparkle fingers for ya, you know I would. :) )

    I am 2 pounds away from getting back to the weight I was when I moved to Hawaii. Phew, those 10 pounds I gained have been rough to take back off. Hawaii is a minefield when it comes to avoiding weight gain. All the potlucks!

    Anyway, I'm proud of you and proud of me, too, for doing our best and can't wait to hear how the next several weeks go for you.

    And thank you for making a comment on my blog!! I so love to hear from you. :)

    Do you love that now every little sentence is its own paragraph?? I'm going to exceed the comment character limit, I am sure of it. :) (Always overly thorough, I am. You know it! :) )

    LOVE YOU, my Bonnie-Bonnie!