Monday, July 8, 2013

266.6: History repeats itself

This is exactly what I weighed last year at this time! In one way that's hard to admit because I hoped to be in such a different place. In another way I feel glad that I've basically kept off the weight I lost.

I thought during my knee recovery I'd have all sorts of time to examine my eating habits and my emotional connection to food. I do have the time, but not the focus. Or maybe I don't want to. As I'm healing I'm certainly trying to fuel my body instead of using food as a crutch. I haven't been following Medifast. Neighbors and friends have brought me some delicious, nutritious meals and I'm trying to enjoy the food in moderation. My plan is to Medifast again after the upcoming Stampin' Up! convention next week. Woot, woot!

Nothing too exciting this post, but wanted to update things.

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  1. How exciting Convention is next week! And it's totally worth celebrating that you're keeping off the weight you've lost! Hooray! Plus, you're being so mindful about using food as fuel, and after major surgery. Hello! That's a big deal. Way to go, Bonnie! And here's to a fun and successful Convention! :)