Saturday, August 11, 2012

253: Back to Work (In Many Ways)

Still losing! I love that.

I took Monday-Wednesday off work to hang out with my sisters. We are working on a chapter about our grandma for a family book and we put it off so long it required a bit of sequestering to accomplish the task.

I was a little worried about sticking to my Medifast program, but the opposite happened. On Monday I just did my thing, so Tuesday and Wednesday the sisters joined me! They didn't have Medifast meals of course, but we did our best to match the nutritional value with other 'meals'. It really helped me to have their support, and they genuinely are excited about it. Both of them are still at it. Yay!

I've been a little loose with my program this week, so I'm back to paying attention to the details.

All is well!


  1. wow, you go girl!!! Hugs

  2. oh, I am excited for this book! Good job staying at it even while "being off."