Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks and all that...

Thanksgiving is the best. I love all the holidays (any excuse to eat and sleep in is fine by me), but Thanksgiving rules. Perhaps that's because I'm not the mom or hostess so it's a low stress time for me. I love all the rituals (really, do we have to have little nut cups with our names on them?), the time with family, and of course, the food.

We rarely get together for Thanksgiving as an entire family. Since both of my parents have passed away, the question of where to go for Thanksgiving is ever present. For many years my sister Linnea and I would rotate among family members. My older siblings are now grandparents (what the heck!), so there are always fun, noisy kids around.

In recent years, I have joined my sister and her family in Logan. The reason for this is simple (no, Loene and Alan, it's not because I love Annette the most): gluten-free stuffing, gravy, rolls and pies! Celiac disease really puts a damper on the holiday feasting, but since 6 out of 9 in my sister's family are fellow Celiac-kers, my sister cooks up a fabulous gluten-free feast. This year my nephew, his wife and their 3 girls also joined us. Casey actually made the pies and did a great job with the gluten-free crusts. It was a fun day-beautiful weather in Logan.

Another thing that made this a special holiday was a special man in my life, Sammy. Now before you get all excited, Sammy is my friend's shitzu. I got to be his foster parent for a week. He is a smart little soul; very loving and snuggly. It was fun to have him around. Sometime I'll get a dog, but for now I'm better off just being a once-in-a-while parent.

That's it. Lots to be grateful for!

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  1. I love the holidays, too--and of course the food is one of my most favorite things about them. (So many yummy potato dishes!) :)

    I'm so glad you had a lovely gluten-free Thanksgiving with your family (and that you got have Sammy visit for a while). He's a lucky dog to have such a fun foster parent! :)

    Miss and love you!