Friday, November 6, 2009

Stampin Up! Down Under!

I was given the most amazing opportunity last month. I spent a week with the wonderful Australian demonstrators and two of the Australian Stampin' Up! employees.

I flew into Sydney. Unfortunately, my luggage wasn't in the mood to travel, so it remained in Los Angeles. By the time we got things documented, I had missed my flight to Melbourne. I arrived there Friday afternoon (love Melbourne!) and met up with Aaron and Hollie who work for SU Australia. We walked and walked and walked to a yummy Thai place, then I crashed.

Still no luggage, so I presented some stamping techniques using my hotel amenities kit-the shower cap, nail file, q-tips, etc. It was fun and the event attendees were super sweet to me. My luggage showed up around 7 pm.

Sunday I flew to Hobart in Tasmania. I love to say that. Who gets to say they flew to Tasmania for work? I enjoyed several days on my own, then Aaron and Hollie joined me. Our Hobart event went well. It was great to be able to really stamp!

I ended my trip in Perth, where we held an event for 200 attendees. I really enjoy Perth and the demos there. For some reason it feels like home to me. We ate some amazing Indian food that night then Aaron flew to Syndey. Hollie left in the early afternoon the next day and I didn't fly out 'til 11:00 pm, so I was grateful when Ngaire Anderson called to see if I'd like to take a field trip. She brought her two kids and we went to a memorial park (cemetery) where kangaroos just roam around. There were lots of mamas with joeys. It was so cute! After that we went to Hillary's on the Indian Ocean and ate some fish and chips. Ngaire's kids are darling. They created a great memory for me to take on my journey home.

Getting home was horrible. A major delay in leaving Sydney (after an all-nighter to get there from Perth) resulted in further delays in the LA. I was plumb tuckered out by the time I landed in Salt Lake!

My darling friend Cathi brought me over dinner, then I crashed around 8 p.m. and slept until 11 a.m. the next day.

New friends, fun stamping, great food. What's better than that?

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  1. Bonnie, despite the HORRENDOUS amount of travel involved, it was so worth it, for us Aussies, to have you here - hope you feel the same. You are such a joy.