Saturday, February 6, 2010

Losing It!

Diet Update: I not only read the Flat Belly Diet book, I got myself going! I have no idea if this is my long term answer, but I needed to do something, and what I read didn't overwhelm me. Basically, you eat three 400 calorie meals a day and one 400 calorie snack. So that's 1600 calories-well above starving mode. A key to the success of this is that you have a MUFA with every meal or snack. Intrigued? A MUFA is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid like nuts & seeds, oils, avocadoes, olives and dark chocolate. The good fats that raise your HDL and lower your LDL. Obviously, you only use a little. To start, you do four days of 300 calorie meals and snacks. I finished my four days and they helped me pass my 10 pound goal-and move into a lower set of 10's on the scale. Love that!

Curves has gone really well also. I wasn't sure how much it would help because I'm kind of a weight-lifting snob (my friend Anita is responsible for that), but it is plenty challenging for my current fitness level.

Weekly Goal Update: Yay! I allowed myself to eat meals while watching television (I know that's seems weird, but it's no fun to eat alone), but no treats. If I wanted a Jello Mousse pudding (yum), I had to eat it in the kitchen.

Good Habit Goal Update: Found a great food journal-just right for me-and have been faithful.

So, here's my worry: Historically, I can hold it together and 'be good' for about 14 days, then I just get tired of all the effort. Shannon is calling her current diet a live-it, not a die-it. She's on to something.

I'm off to buy a new under $20 shirt. I promised myself one every time I lose 10 pounds. Can't wait!


  1. Good job on losing the ten. I love the live-it instead of die-it. Awesome.

  2. You need to convert me Bonnie :) HOW can I possibly go to the Southern Caribbean looking like this? Oh yeh that is why I bought the swimsuit cover up :) xx Well Done my friend!

  3. Bonnie- It sounds like you are doing such a good job! Keep it up!! With your personality and optimism you can do ANYTHING!!!! Love you lots.