Thursday, January 20, 2011

#50: 50 Pounds in 50 Blogs, A Proud Day

Well, I've reached that nice round number. When I began in July '10 to chart this course, I was full of resolve, hope, motivation and desperation. I felt I had to reach this goal. There was no other option.

I'm not even half way there. 13.5 pounds in 50 blogs. Does that have an inspiring Julie and Julia ring to it? Kind of makes me smile, as a matter of fact. Have you noticed that magazines tempt you with article teasers like 7 ways to clean your house in 8 minutes a day? What happened to nice round numbers like 10, 15, 20? I guess I'm following trend.

So what am I proud of?

I am proud of my efforts and how I've begun this journey. I don't know how many blogs it will take 'til I've lost 50 pounds (turns out I don't lose weight blogging-weird, I know), but I know I'm not giving up. It may be 93 blogs or 127 blogs, but I'll get there. When I do, I plan to celebrate big and keep on going!

I'm proud that I'm dealing with the most destructive relationship (food) I've ever had and I'm not taking the abuse any more.

I'm proud that I sought professional help and am open to Kaleo's advice and guidance. I've read 3 of the 5 books she suggested.

I'm proud that I'm taking the time to find the root of my problem instead of just throwing solutions at it.

I'm proud that I exercise regularly at Curves and that I chart my weight regularly at Weight Watchers online.

I'm proud that I am beginning to love myself and desire that my home be a safe haven for me instead of a place where all I see is my lack of progress.

I'm proud that I've had the courage to share this with others and to bare my heart each week. Writing keeps me honest with myself, so this has been a touch stone for my emotions.

Thank you for your love and support. If I could lose weight just by channeling that, I would be a supermodel!


  1. Bon, you ARE a supermodel. A supermodel of strength, courage, determination, kindness and hope. You model the best of human traits for us everyday and those of us who know you are lucky to be part of your life.
    Big hugs to you today!

  2. Love you, Bonnie. It really is a journey, isn't it?

  3. I think of you often, you will do this.....sending hugs your way!

  4. Bonnie, I am so proud of you. (And I, too, love the ring of the anti-round numbers. :) ) I am really proud of you for not giving up, and for sticking with something for 50 blog posts. That alone is an accomplishment.

    So many times I get excited about making some change in my life, and within a week or two, I'm back to my old ways. You help me see it's possible to make permanent change, and to keep with it even when it isn't easy. And most of all, to be completely honest with myself and what I most want and need to work on.

    Thank you for being so inspiring!

    One more thing: your last comment about how you could be a supermodel by channeling the love and support you receive reminded me of a song I'd like to dedicate to you. It always make me cry (because it's so true!) And it makes me think of you . . . my beautiful, lovely, talented, generous, awe-inspiring Bonnie. :)

    This is a cheesy youtube video someone made using the song, but the song is still beautiful. It's called "She":

    Happy Monday, Bonnie! :)