Monday, March 28, 2011

Scared of Ruby

The television reality show Ruby scares me. This woman has so much courage and bravery, so much support from friends, a team of people supporting her (nutritionist, therapist, psychologist, two trainers) and a nation (okay, maybe 1/8 of a nation) watching her journey. She used to weigh 700 pounds and has lost more than half that. So what's scary? She gained weight on hiatus! What? How? With all that going for her, how can she not be successful? Without all that going for me, how can I be successful? That's what scares me.


  1. You have better than all those professionals Bonnie... you have friends that love you. Just keep at it one day at a time. I'm on this journey with you.

  2. i know how your feeling, i was on ww for almost a year lost 10 gained it back lost it again. working third shift has some good points but weight loss isn't one of them. so i'm trying something different, not sure where it will take me but, still going to be a battle. I think even tho she has all the extra help, we can also loose. we just have to get it in our minds that healthy eating for a lifetime will work. I'll let you know how i do this's not going to be easy but the resultsm, eventually, will be worth it....hugs to you! Deb

  3. Hang in there Bonnie! we all have our ups and downs, stay positive and believe in yourself!! Overcoming challenges takes time and each good choice contributes to your success. You're a fighter! take it one day at a time and focus on the good habits you're making. I know you can do this!! call me if you need me! Love ya, Julie