Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Five Week Plan to Lose 8 Pounds

Back to the blog after a week of silence. Did you miss me? I missed myself! Nothing dramatic - just busy doing the same thing on a different day.

I’m tired of being scale stuck and I’m ready to do something about it. My friend Cathi and I had a summit meeting today. We each set some goals to accomplish by April 11. Here’s my five week plan:
1. Drink water. All the time. To make this happen, I’m not drinking soda (when I do, it’s usually sugar free/caffeine free, but I don’t drink as much water when I drink soda, so no soda).
2. Eat fruit with every meal.
3. Plan meals ahead of time instead of tracking what I eat after I’ve eaten it.
4. Read Women, Food, and God every day.

I was in Boise over the weekend. Great show; great demonstrators. The first day I went to an old candy factory and bought some Idaho Spud candy bars for Parker and Landon (my friend’s boys) and a cherry nutty yummy thing (with a name I don’t know) for myself. Back in my hotel room the thought of waiting an entire 90 minutes for dinner seemed overwhelming, so I polished off a bag of Smart Food popcorn and my cherry chocolate yumminess. Within minutes, the Idaho Spud bars began to speak to me. I actually don’t like these candy bars—very mushy marshmallow covered in coconut. That didn’t stop me from making short work of both of them. Why? I wasn’t hungry; it wasn’t satisfying. I’m not sure if I was bored, anxious, lonely, or just not working hard enough to fight old behaviors.

I’m not beating myself up about it. No sense in that. I’m coming clean because that will help me document my pattern of eating then self defeating. Anytime I am honest with myself, even in retrospect, I win a small battle.

In that spirit, when I bought Cathi’s magnet today (I buy her one at every city I go to--in exchange she brings me dinner - great deal, huh?), I also bought her a candy bar that I proceeded to consume on the plane before we even took off. Here's the truth: I never ever intended to give her that candy bar. I bought it for me. It would have been so much better for me emotionally to just admit that truth while I was eating that chocolate bar!

So, here's to a healthy week for all of us!


  1. Bonnie, I love reading your posts. You make me feel better about myself because I see that I'm not the only one who does these things. The candy - I do that ALL THE TIME. And, on occasion, feel guilty after :) Thank you for not beating yourself up about it and I won't either - we can just try harder next time, right? :)
    I love your 5 week plan - it sounds FABULOUS. I may have to implement a few of those ideas in my own life :)

  2. Thanks for the great motivation Bonnie. I can do 5 weeks, Im sure I can. So I will start tonight too, is it really only 5 weeks until we have convention here in australia?

  3. You are such a Beautiful Woman! I treasure your honesty.....this battle of weight loss is a tuff road...I too travel it and sometimes have success and sometimes not....but we must keep trying so that we can win at it...I love your 5 week plan, not too long term that even I should be able to do that....I shall join you on this and Hopefully we both will come out ahead! Sending you Hugs and best wishes....Deb

  4. Bonnie you CAN do it!!!!! you can you can you can, just ONE lb!!!!! With love and support! I am with ya gf!