Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bonnie and Boyd: A Love Story

Don't get excited, folks. Boyd is the name I have given to my artificial knee. Yes, Boyd. My friend Donna actually named him and I'm completely on board. It's kind of fun to speak of myself (even if it's just a portion of myself) in the third person. Plus, Boyd has some quirks that Bonnie doesn't.

Let me elaborate.

Boyd doesn't like to sleep. He gets all wired up and wants to squirm, wiggle and twitch. Bonnie, on the other hand, enjoys a great night of uninterrupted sleep. It's an interesting conflict. About once a week, Boyd wins and Bonnie has to walk around until he calms down. Fortunately, most of the time Bonnie gets her way. By the way, Boyd is demanding his late night jaunts less and less.

When Bonnie goes up and down stairs, sometimes Boyd just rebels and says, "I'm not going today," so Bonnie has to go backwards to fool him. It's odd, but it works.
Bonnie thinks she can travel on weekends; Boyd gets quite annoyed and screams at her. Then he keeps her awake all night. Stubborn man!

Enough about Boyd.

I'm ready for renewed weight loss efforts! I'm not trying anything drastic and new (okay, I am doing a 7 day cleanse, but that's more for health than for weight loss), but I'm trying on a new attitude. I am going to celebrate every pound. Every little pound. I get so wrapped up in the next big milestone that I skip what it takes to get there. So, I made myself a twenty pound tear off tracker. Each page has an inspirational quote along with my current weight. So, I began at 282 (I just typed 182, does that tell you how in tune with my body I am?), then 281, 280, 279, etc until 262 which is the last page in my tracker. I'm going to hang it near my scale and do a victory dance each time I move to a new page.

That's my plan.


  1. Bonnie, thank you for introducing us to Boyd, it sounds like he still needs whipping into shape a bit!!

    As for the weight loss, I too am recently renewed in the challenge I set myself earlier in the year, having gone a bit off track in the last couple of months. I also find that focusing on what I have lost rather than what I still have to lose is a great thing. I sometimes look at it in % terms as well. I have now lost 5% of my starting weight which is great. I also love the idea of the tear off tracker, that is brilliant, I am going to create one for myself this weekend - although I am going to use 0.5kg (which is about a pound!). At least when Boyd keeps you up at night he is helping you to exercise :)

  2. Miss Bonnie, welcome back! Your wit has been missed....this Boyd, sounds like a typical man...hehehe. Happy about your decision with the weight's a battle for sure. I've been visiting with a health person about once a month, my goal is to just move, I work third shift and well, sit...sleep all day as I need my beauty rest....and it is my life, with stampin' sprinkled in.....
    I think of you often... hope you will keep us all updated with your health and of course Boyd...whip him into shape :-) Hugs and Love to you!!

  3. Bonnie, I'm so happy to hear Boyd is keeping you up at least a little less often than he was before. But man, he really is stubborn! (The part about tricking him by walking backwards on the stairs made me laugh out loud, by the way. I just imagined walking with you up or down some stairs at SU! and having you go backwards. That silly Boyd. :) )

    Your determination and openness about your refocused efforts to lose weight are so inspiring, even though you might not feel very inspiring. I have been very unmotivated lately to exercise--probably because I'm simply exhausted--but this week, I am determined to do better. And your blog is helping me stay focused. I refused to let myself buy mayonnaise at the store yesterday--HUGE accomplishment for me--and I am going to exercise during Cate's afternoon naps. Another big step for me, as I'd much rather nap myself, or eat, or surf the internet.

    Anyway, thanks for the motivation and for the kind, inspiring, amazing friend and woman you are. I really, really miss you!