Friday, December 9, 2011

Is Boyd Infected and Will They Have to Do Surgery (Again) Next Week

1:57 AM: Is it time to get up? I just want to know one way or the other. Ever since last Friday I've been stewing. After all, this will affect many holiday plans.
4:00 AM: Just go back to sleep already! What am I most anxious about? Not getting an answer. If not this, then what? Seems like my body is always a bit off--test results show problem, more test results follow, eventually my body just fixes things. The process, however, wears me out. All those tests! All that waiting!
7:29 AM: I deserve a Dunford's donut for all this stress. My stomach is already churning, so why not add gluten to the mix?
7:57 AM: I call just in case. Answering service. Nice lady says call at 8:00.
8:03 AM: It takes all my willpower, but I wait 'til just past 8:00 so as to not appear too eager. Still answering service. Lady still nice.
8:07 AM: Arghh. I will wait 'til 8:15 to try again.
8:15 AM: I'm going to scream... the nice answering service lady suggested I try at 8:30.
8:20 AM: Distraction. Employee needed a shoulder-her laptop was stolen from her cubicle last night.
8:29 AM: Now a group has gathered to offer her many shoulders. I want to call. Would that be rude?
8:35 AM: Busy!
8:37 AM: On hold while Dr. Kimball is located...eek!
8:40 AM: "Hold on, we don't have... hold on..."
8:45 AM: "No infection in that knee for sure. Sometimes we don't know why the knee is painful."




  1. Hooray! That is GREAT news Bonnie! SO happy for you!

  2. I'm excited too Bonnie! Glad to hear there is no infection... hopefully the pain will subside though!!

  3. Glad there is no infection, sorry laptop is missing......maybe misplaced? Sending you major hugs......and love