Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Opal and Daisy

Two more pictures! I couldn't get Blogger to let me add these earlier.

Opal is my new car (the color is Opal Sage), the nicest little CR-V ever! She's a 2011 and still smells new. Yummy smell--nearly as good as hot popcorn and new babies.

Daisy is my new friend. She's a member of Anita's family--a six month old goldendoodle 'puppy'. She comes to visit when the boys do--and sometimes when they don't! 


  1. Bonnie! I have a 2011 CR-V, too! We traded in my little Acura for it shortly after Bonnie-Cate was born. Ours is white, though, so we can't be super cheesy twinners. But we can be sorta cheesy twinners! :) Don't you love the car?? It's the perfect size--not too big and not too little.

    And Daisy is precious. I think goldendoodles are so, so cute. I saw a big, fluffy one the other day and had to stop to pet him. I bet Daisy is a sweetie. I can just tell by her adorable face.

    How's the naked diet going?