Monday, March 5, 2012

Connect & Update: A Lesson to be Learned

I bought a Windows 7 phone over a year ago (January 2, 2011 to be precise). I love it. When I bought it, I was told to download Zune to keep my phone updated. I didn't. For a while, I couldn't. My old computer just didn't have the chops for Zune, my work computer was network restricted and it was too much of a hassle to talk to IT about it, so I just kept using my new phone without any updates. Occasionally the phone would say "Updates are available," but I would ignore it. I mean, how out of date could my new phone be? About a month ago I decided I'd like to update my phone. I have a new home computer, so that shouldn't be a problem, right? Correct--but the cord to connect the phone to the computer was at work where I had last attempted to update. Finally, I got my phone, cord and computer all in the same place, so last night I connected and updated. It took nearly 2 hours, and I was instructed to leave my phone alone during the process so it could be updated without interruptions.Thirty-six updates later, my phone is functioning like a charm!

So, why am I sharing this fascinating story? The whole process made me wonder about my own functionality. When was the last time I gave myself permission to connect and update without interruptions?
How much better would it be if I did this regularly instead of once every 14 months?

Things that make me go hmmm.


  1. Oh I love this post - we all need to connect and update regularly dont we?? I think we should connect and update say around end of May? in a little place called Canberra?? I would love to share a cuppa with you Bonnie :) Hope you are well and the knee is all healed up xx

  2. Now you have me thinking . . . what do I need to connect to more regularly? And what updates am I missing?? Hmm. I can think of several. Don't you love it when the lessons come from random places like our cell phones?? :)