Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinteresting and Delightful

I found Pinterest this week. I can see that it could become quite addictive. Is it odd that in some ways it stresses me out? Probably. I have to remind myself it's not a race to see who can pin the most things. There are just so many ideas out there--I feel like I'm behind all the time.

Two things happened today that delighted me.
1) The checker at the grocery store commented on the great variety of healthy food I was buying. (She also kindly didn't mention the peanut butter M&M's and candy bar I bought.)
2) As I was carrying my groceries from the car (Opal; I still LOVE her), two random youths asked if I needed help. Ironically, as I drove past them on my way home, I thought, "Gee, kids are sure sporting weird clothes and hairstyles these days." I love that nice kids are nice kids, no matter what they look like.

Oh, a bonus delight: I'm loving SMASH. Kind of obsessed right now.

I went shopping and lunching with an old friend on Saturday. Deb was my running buddy a decade ago. We worked out for nearly two years and went from walking to running a marathon. Oh, the conversations we had! We solved the world's problems with each mile. It was great to spend some time with her again. She always inspires me to get back with the program. I have ridden my stationary bike this week after work--and I'm surprised at how much better I already feel. Good enough that even when I come home tired I can convince myself to transition into night with a workout. Go me!  


  1. So happy to hear your doing well!! Makes my heart sing :-) Ran a marathon! That is awesome! I have walked one but not run one.
    I have been walking at home with Leslie Sansone dvd's, started up again last week and hope this time I'll stick with it and have been putting what I eat into "my fitness pal" on my phone.....hoping that will help.
    I'm sure you have been busy with regionals etc....stay happy my friend, I think of you often! Love ya,

  2. Hi Bonnie! Love hearing how you're doing. :) I haven't allowed myself to join Pinterest yet because I know I would become completely addicted. I just know it. :) I think the same thing about the "youths" I see out and about: teen fashion these days is so beyond me! When we were teens, did adults think the same thing about the way we dressed? I kind of don't think we were that extreme, but maybe we were . . . ? I'm so impressed you've been riding your bike! Way to go, Bonnie! I have been so lazy lately about working out. I have made a goal with Jacque, though, to get fit for summer . . . so we're working on it. Miss and love you tons!