Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweep the Corners; The Middle Will Take Care of Itself

This was the advice my mother gave me when she taught me how to sweep the floor. I'm sure like many less-than-enthusiastic chore chart check-offers, I swept up the visible dirt and ignored the stuff under the cupboard or the refrigerator--the places I didn't think mattered. Well, they mattered to mama. I would complain that her approach meant more work. She then said, "Fine, just sweep the corners and ignore the middle." I thought that was a genius compromise. Moms are so smart!

I often think of my life and what I pay attention to. Am I concentrating on improving, changing, or polishing my middle--the parts people see--or am I spending my time on my corners? I'm pretty firmly in the middle. Really. I don't use my time for the private reflection that would lead to a personal improvement. I'm not saying I'm a terrible person. I am saying if  I would spend more time with a broom and dishpan attacking the unseen, un-applauded corners of my life, I would be a better Bonnie.

That would be awesome!

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  1. Bonnie, that was most profound.......Your not the only one in that boat, and I thank you for putting it out there because I'm there too. Thanks for sharing the Advise of a wise woman!!

    Love to you and I'll miss you this year at Convention........It's killing me that I'm not going but on the up side, My hubby and are are taking a well deserved very belated honeymoon.......28 years late....... :-)