Sunday, February 10, 2013

261.2: Baby Steps and a Loss

The Fitbit is great. I love seeing everyday what I'm taking in and burning. Slowly but surely I'm moving. Moving my body and attitude in a positive direction.

In other news, this is day three of a head cold that has now moved to my chest. I was sick on Thursday, but it didn't really hit 'til that night. I had Friday off, so I cancelled my tax appointment and nursed myself. Still miserable yesterday, I went to the pharmacist and got some heavy duty decongestent medicine. Now my chest is tight and I'm coughing, but the head congestion feels better.

That's nice Bonnie. What's your point? My point is I have no sense of smell. I'm fairly sure it's smell, not taste, but they're so tied together I could be wrong. Sometime yesterday it dwindled, then completely left. I don't feel like eating much, but it's very frustrating to not even be able to taste what I do eat. Yesterday I was craving chocolate. I had some M&M's and every once in a while I tried one. Nothing. Since it's moved to my chest, I thought for sure I'd be able to taste now. Nope.

I'm pondering what life would be like if I never regained it. How does someone who craves a certain food deal with not being able to taste? How many times do I eat past the point of really tasting the food?

I am gonna remember this. When I can taste again, I vow to cherish my bites. Until I take it all for granted again.   

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  1. Bonnie, that's so sad your sense of smell/taste has gone. My sister had the same thing happen for a while . . . I think it was related to her cold, but I've also read it can mean a zinc deficiency. Have you tried taking zinc? It might help, not sure. I can't imagine not being able to taste or smell . . . it'd definitely make eating a different experience. I hope your taste buds come back pronto for you! And I hope you're feeling better very soon, too. Love you!