Sunday, September 26, 2010

#24: 20 Pound Milestone!

Yay, yay, yay! I did a happy dance this morning when I stepped off the scale. I can't read the scale while I'm standing on it because of my stomach-pathetic, but true. I have to get off and quickly look while the number's still visible. Some mornings it's quite humorous because without my contacts I nearly have to touch my nose to the scale to read my weight. Hey! Does that count as exercise? Anyway, I finally reached my 20 pound goal.

Next goal? Break out of the 270's. I call it reaching a different decade of numbers.

I'm on track to hit 50 pounds off by Feb 17th, my 50th birthday. The holidays will of course pose an interesting challenge, but tonight I'm feeling invincible. Eye of the tiger. I can do this. Yay!

mmmm,,,m,,, (That was me cleaning off my 'm' key-too tired to delete and it will make me laugh when I read this again.)

Must sleep now.


  1. Congrats to you, I would be doing a happy dance as well!! so funny about the tummy in the way, I have that problem as well, but slowly it is going down, very slow....Keep smiling! and don't stop WILL do it!

  2. Congratulations!! That is great!

  3. Bonnie you are a star .... and yes any activity that involves putting your nose down to the floor can definitely be classed as exercise. You are an inspiration to us all - and I loooooovvveee your humour.

  4. Bonnie, you make me laugh like no one else. I loved this post, and I'm so proud of you for achieving this goal! You go, girl! :)