Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm off to Baltimore in an hour. I am so excited! Since the regionals have begun, I don't see Shannon, Carrie and Donna as much as I'd like. Now I get to hang with them for an entire weekend. How fun is that? The only downside is I'm filling in for Shelli-and demonstrators are always disappointed when Shelli's not there. She is such an amazing woman and a regional seminar is usually an opportunity to be able to meet her in a fairly small setting. I'll do my best!

I had my fourth therapy session on Tuesday. Talk about intense! Lots of ghosts from the past that need to be dealt with. I'm worried the emotions being brought to the surface might be too overwhelming and I'll turn to food for comfort again. I suppose even being worried about that, being aware of it, is a good thing. I really, really don't want to move backwards in my weight loss, but in order to move ahead I have to deal with some pretty painful things. The easy way out is to just focus on losing weight (I can't believe I even feel that way-losing weight is anything but easy). You know what I mean, though. Dealing with what has brought me to food as my drug of choice is a daunting process.

Well, enough of that. Off to the airport!


  1. Stay tough Bonnie, we're all praying for you! Congratulations on your 20# milestone :-)

  2. You are doing great, Bonnie; be kind to yourself! You know what? If Shelli wasn't able to make it to Convention in Australia, I would be THRILLED to have you take her place. Seeing you at our Regionals and Convention was a MAJOR highlight for me; you are utterly adorable and hilarious. Love ya to bits!