Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What? Last Post in April? OMG!

I am soooo embarrassed that I haven't posted in over a month--closer to two months! No excuse except I feel quite boring. Same weight, same struggles, same journey.

Here's a quick re-cap of the last two months: Throw a colonoscopy, some stamping, scrapbooking, two church lessons and various friends' birthdays in with a week in Australia for convention and another week with a massive head cold and you're totally caught up! Exciting stuff, eh?

I've also been examined by all the medical professionals who insist on seeing me each year. My general practitioner, gynecologist, eye doctor, dentist, and gastroenterologist. I have my breast exam scheduled for August. So, all my body parts have been certified as healthy and functioning appropriately.

During those exams, one practitioner suggested I look into weight loss surgery. I have never considered it before. I got rather excited about it and discussed it with Kaleo, who is very supportive of it, and with my besties Anita and Cathi, whose opinions mean a great deal to me. Everyone is on board. Since then, I have completely forgotten to think about it. Weird, huh? Does that mean I'm not ready or I'm not convinced? I don't know. Maybe now just isn't the right time, but the very fact that I haven't done any more research or questioning tells me something. I just need to find out what the something is!


  1. Really? Never even crossed your mind? I did all the research and all the prep work but couldn't make the leap: to never eat a full size meal again, never eat sugar again, more vitamins than food for the rest of my life. Too drastic for me!

  2. I often wish I could do that......I keep thinking on it......i wish i could be happier about me, so I get where your at too....

  3. I think you're beautiful as you are, and I think that you will be beautiful regardless of your size, so do what you think you need to do to keep yourself happy & healthy!

  4. Oh Bonnie, for me one of the highlights over the past few months was seeing you again at Melbourne Convention - thanks for the laughs! & I do promise to not "let that happen to our friends" LOL - a fav quote of convention (apart from the forest one LOL).

    As for the main topic of your blogpost - surgery - I think that you should follow your instincts, they are generally right & since all your body parts are as they should be, (functioning & healthy) there's no need to rush into any decisions. Give that 'something' time to tell you what you need to know.

    You will know if that is the path to take - it will feel right! If you feel it's not, I'd also love to remind you that you are fabulous just as you are - your personality shines & you are a gorgeous person.