Monday, November 26, 2012

254.4: Disneyland and California Dreamin'

It was a lovely vacation! My sister's children, spouses and their kids spent a week in Anaheim. We rented a house a few miles from Disneyland. The house was great--enough beds for all the adults to sleep well, a pool and hot tub, and two separate entertainment/game rooms. There were 11 adults and 4 kids (13 months to 6 years) there. We met at the house on Monday and stayed until Sunday morning. Heavenly!

We ate well. And by well I mean yummy food. I took my Medifast meals with me, but I didn't use 'em. I ate too much and not often enough. Still, I was more active than normal. I'm not beating myself up about it.

I only made one day of Disneyland. It was so much fun to ride many rides and be with everyone, but my knees (especially the one that hasn't been replaced) just didn't like the walking, standing, and cramped ride space. I was so sad to miss out on day two, but I would have been miserable.

I'm back on program. With a vengeance. I also plan to begin working out again--weight lifting and stationary bike riding. I want to concentrate on strengthening my leg muscles and improving flexibility.


  1. It was sooo fun having you there with us! Keep up the strength training- you can do it!!!!!

  2. where of where had my friend Bonnie gone, Oh where oh where can she be???????????
    Missing your news.