Wednesday, May 8, 2013

271.4: Fighting the good fight

Hello! I am feeling so happy and strong today. I'm super busy at work, a bit stressed. Last night I found myself buying gluten free cookies (Udi's gluten free, tasty but pricey), mixed nuts, and chocolate. Why I think a sweet/salty treat will make everything better is really mind boggling, but I do. I'm not alone, right?

Anyway, I woke up early this morning to get a jump on a loooong work day. I immediately thought of ways to treat myself for being such a great worker--maybe starting with a large Diet Coke and two sausage burritos at McDonald's, some chips and salsa during rehearsals for the Australia/New Zealand convention, and perhaps a Fast Break candy bar (my personal favorite).

Guess what? You'll never guess...

I decided the best way to treat myself is to follow my plan. Drink water, eat small meals every few hours, and update my blog.

Go me! Go you! Thanks for your love and support--it really makes a difference.

P.S. A dear friend shared some insights from her personal journey. I think she wouldn't mind me sharing some of those with you.
  • Eat for taste & for physical need but NOT to make up for what I don’t or didn’t have at some point in my life. Food won’t address those things. 
  • Force closes the heart. In other words, when I try and force my will to lose weight and keep up the fight, my heart shuts down and there is no joy.
  • I eat to leave a situation/emotion. I bolt. Don’t keep leaving myself!!! What’s there to deal with or feel when I don’t bolt? Stay with that and move through it. . . food doesn’t address or fix it.


  1. Go Bonnie!! Is it ok to say I'm proud of you without sounding like a mother? Sounds like your friend is a great support - yay! A friend of mine once told me simply: Eat to live; don't live to eat. I try (really try) to remember those words.

  2. Sounds like your doing well....keep it up, you can do it!!

    Hugs and love from NH


  3. Bonnie, I'm just getting caught up on your blog--I'm so happy to hear you're feeling strong and happy and doing well. I was just thinking going on a run tonight might be a nice little gift to myself . . . which shocked me! Since when do I actually think to reward myself with exercise?! HA. :) I suppose our minds and bodies, from time to time, tap into what they know deep inside their truest centers--that being good to ourselves and rewarding ourselves can (and should) be interchangeable.

    Thank you for sharing your honest, beautiful insights and emotions with us. I love you; you know I do! (P.S. I have a Hawaii address! I'll send it to you, so you have a specific destination in mind if/when you and Paula are able to start planning your trip. ;) )