Wednesday, May 15, 2013

275: On my way to Australia

I'm not shocked to see a gain. I'm eating more calories and not moving very much. That combo is a guaranteed weight gain plan. Too bad that's not my plan, huh?

It's been a bit of a rough ride the last few weeks. It seems like I'm busy at work, busy at home, busy at church--just...busy. I'm not sleeping too well which adds to the feeling of needing a bit of down time-and to reward myself with a treat after a busy day. I keep reminding myself that after June 19 I'll have enforced relaxation, so I need to enjoy my current mobility.

My knee replacement surgery has been postponed--the MRI was blurry, so we had to do it again and lost a week of time for my knee to be 'built', so June 19 is the new date.

Last night is a slice of my recent month's packed schedule. After a full day of work, I had a 5:00 webinar, a 6:00 dinner with friends and an 8:00 hair appointment. I was 10 minutes late to dinner and had to leave early to not be late for my hair. By the time I got home, I needed an hour of unwinding to get to sleep. The unwinding included a mixture of cheese popcorn and kettle corn which I bought on my way home from the hair cut. At least I put some in bowl instead of just eating out of the bags.

I'll be in Australia for a bit over a week, so I've set some goals to help me stay focused while allowing for travel flexibility. I don't know what kind of food will be available, so I'm pre-planning based on some assumptions of an abundance of fruit and veggies.

1) I will eat small meals every 2-3 hours.
2) I will make green, leafy vegetables the main portion of my plate at lunch and dinner.
3) I will allow myself a small 1 inch cube of dessert when a gluten free option is available.
5) I will drink water.
6) I will say nice things to myself.
7) I will track my food in a journal.

I leave for Australia on Saturday, so I won't be posting until I return on May 27.


  1. i hope you have a wonderful time, and get to sight see some. I'm envious of your being able to travel.....i'd love to do that!
    saying prayers for you weight loss journey. It is the hardest thing to overcome!

    Sending hugs and prayers from NH


  2. Bonnie, I am dying to give you a hug at Convention in Brisbane!! You are doing great, and are a huge inspiration to me. See you next week!! xx