Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Day #2

Hemolytic anemia. Whew! The bone marrow biopsy was 100% clean and clear. No sign of cancer; no sign of anything extraordinary. The doc thinks my body got confused because of either a virus or some medication (could have been either) and began to treat my red blood cells like an infection. My immune system is working overtime to kill off those pesky red blood cells faster than I can store them, making me anemic and tired. We did more blood work and will know Thursday for sure if this is the real deal. The treatment is steroids and folic acid. I can handle that. I had to use Prednisone once before for about a week and nearly went out of my mind but, considering the alternative, I'm feeling quite positive about this! If you're like me and get curious about this kind of stuff, medline has a great explanation.


It was a nice weekend-I had some Bonnie time, some Landon & Parker time, some stamping time, some Tamsin, Sam & Emma time, and some family time for Annette's birthday. Still, at the back of it all was the upcoming doctor's appointment. My two sisters joined me for the news and my brother gave me a great blessing yesterday.

I feel such relief-and such hope that I can begin to get my energy back.

One thing-you sure realize how many people love, support and care when you go through a scare like this. I am overwhelmed by the wonderful friends and family I have. Truly blessed.



  1. Oh, happy day, Bonnie!! I was so happy to hear your news. I hope you are feeling back to your energetic, spunky self very, very soon. :) Good luck at the Regional! Love you!

  2. Such great news! I'm glad that things are fixable!