Monday, September 28, 2009


I attended a family funeral on Saturday. As I listened to family and friends honor my cousin, I was impressed by the impact of one life on the world. Does that sound lofty?

Each of us has such power! Our small lives aren’t. Small that is. There are countless people whose lives intersect ours every day.

Several years ago I began to notice a yellow truck on my drive to work. It was particularly remarkable because, well, it was yellow. Day after day I would see that yellow truck. I began to wonder about yellow truck’s driver. Where did he go every day? Was he a teacher? A father? Did he wonder about me (I doubt it because my Honda is pretty run-of-the-mill silver)? One day the yellow truck was gone. I wondered if yellow truck’s driver bought a new truck or moved to Italy. Sometimes I still wonder.

I might not have a spouse or children running around, but I’m really trying to be a spot of light in the world. If enough of us do that, we can and will make a difference.

Wow! Quite philosophical for a Monday, eh?


  1. Hi Bonnie! Just dropping by to say I miss working with you and I'm so glad to know you as a person. I just think you're fab :) Hope all is well in SU! land :)

  2. Bonnie you are a spot of light in the world and always have been to me. :) Thanks for your words in this post!!

  3. Bonnie, you are MORE than a spot of light in the world. You are a beacon! Your visit to Melbourne (Australia) for our Regionals was the absolute highlight of the day for me - I wanted to take you home! Thank you for putting huge smiles on so many faces. Christine x