Monday, September 14, 2009

Cincinnati Regional

Donna and Shelli doing a great pose after Shannon taught us some tips

Shannon looking fabulous

The regional in Cincinnati was so much fun! I am always better after spending time with demonstrators and Stampin' Up! employees. I was pleased that I had the energy needed to support my amazing team of facilitators. They really rocked it. I was sooo happy with the stamping and business content! We arrived around 8 p.m. on Wednesday and just had a bite to eat at the hotel. The next morning was deliciously lazy-we met at 11:00 for lunch and to head to the convention center to get set up for rehearsals. Lunch was at Chipotle. We hit it just right because right after we sat down the line went out the door! The rest of the day was all about getting ready for the seminar. Rehearsals went well and set up was a breeze. That night we ate at a brewery next to Chipotle that had the yummiest food.

Lisa the Popester

Friday and Saturday were a blur of Stampin' Up! regional fun-I swapped, smiled, hung up demonstrator swaps on the display boards, gave feedback to my team, and got caught up with Jill.

Bonnie and the great facilitators

We flew home early Sunday and I napped and then went to bed early. I love my own little bed!


  1. hey girlfriend! love the blog glad to see you are getting with the program!
    Kay wants to know if you are any relation to James Thurber of Boise Idaho? He is Kays son in law! how cool would that be?

  2. Hi Bonnie! I've thought of you often! I checked out your blog...In all honesty, I still feel the pain of all that happened in April. Seeing your regional highlights made me realize that my summer of sadness, confusion, financial worry, and loss has not yet completely healed. I'll always hold you in a dear place as one of the few SU! leaders that care about their staff! For now, know that I miss ya!!!!! Lori Hatton

  3. Ohh, my dear Lola. I'm sorry to have brought your pain to the surface. I love you dearly and know you are making a positive impact on those great 6th graders! Miss you, dear heart!Bonnie

  4. Hey Gwen-I don't think I'm related, but I could be! My dad lived in Gooding and I have some first cousins who grew up there-he could be a 1st cousin once removed or something excting like that! Bonnie

  5. Love the recap, Bonnie! It was just a fabulous time all around, wasn't it??

    Miss you Lola!