Thursday, September 24, 2009

Founder's Circle (Fun in the Sun)

The Gathering Place-waiting for demos to join the fun!

I returned from Founder's on Sunday morning and dropped into bed for 7 hours. 7! I was sooo very tired. It's a great event-a true privilege to be able to attend and help KelleeSue and her amazing team.

Here are some of my highlights:

Lynsay Mahon and Cori Hancock-Check out that concentration!

Our Lovely MDS Lab
1) Teaching MDS with Cori. The pointer finger and naughty finger. That cute kid (who does he belong to, anyway?) flying down the slide. Making the same scrapbook page over and over (and over) again. I'm a pro at that page now! Once, knowing something Cori didn't know-the rest of the time she totally schooled me.
2) Speaking at the final dinner. The weather was quite dramatic, but The Ledges golf course was beautiful. The demonstrators did a butterfly release, we ate yummy food and took tons of photos. I got to share the story of my butterfly sister Linnea. It was a tender night.
3) Meeting the Rising Stars and hearing their stories. I sooo hope they continue to be successful. What neat ladies!
4) Seeing demo friends again.

Me with Tami White. Aren't we cute?

5) Making new demo friends.

Jackie Ross and Sharon Armstrong peeking through the decor.

6) Laughing with (sometimes at) KelleeSue's team.

7) Hearing the great ideas at the business share.

8) Watching over 115 ladies swap.

9) Joining a few demos for dinner. I went to Paula's restaurant with Judy Garza, Ruth Bingle, Becky Kareck, Angie Juda and Esther Boyle. It was soo great to visit and learn more about them. The food was just okay, but the company was four star!

10) Tying lots and lots of knots!

I dare say a great time was had by all. I also dare say some of us need a break from all this fun!


  1. WAHOOO!!! I made #4 on the Bonnie T list! And we ARE cute aren't we hehehehe!!!

    You are so funny, I love your list, hope you get a nice big break this weekend. You deserve it, you worked hard and you ROCK!
    Love ya! Tami

  2. Thanks Bonnie for asking us to pose for you! Founders was AMAZING! Sharon