Friday, January 29, 2010

Kentucky Fried Goodness or Greats and Groans #2

It was a long week. Last week, I lost 7 pounds just by wishing. This week; 2 pounds-and I lost those on the first day! Whatev I guess.

Sooo, here's the report:

Greats: I have accomplished my first good habit goal - 21 days in a row of no food after 8:00 p.m. I am really happy with that. Of course, in order to claim it as a good habit, I will continue doing it (I'm reminding myself of that). Another good thing is I met with a lady at Curves and got myself ready to begin next week. The shoulder's still sore, so we thought it best to wait a week.

Groans: No working out. Nothing. Well, I did walk up one flight of stairs one day instead of using the elevator. Hmmm. No, I don't think that qualifies - even though I was huffing and puffing! Today I was beckoned by KFC on the way home. Yummy, greasy chicken. Mmmm. I caved. I am very unhappy with myself. Dangitalltoheck!

I'm reading a book called Fat Belly Diet. My friend Julie sent it home with me to preview during the weekend. She's all jazzed about it.

I'm off to book club-The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Great book!


  1. Hope you don't mind, but I tracked down your blog. As I've been telling demonstrators about mine, they keep mentioning yours! Looks awesome and I love your Greats/groans! Keep up the great work!

    Sam V.

  2. Bonnie, way to go with the not-eating-past-8 thing! I've had a hard time with that one lately. I always want air popped popcorn at 10 p.m. It's no good. But this week, I'm cutting myself off. You'll have to tell me what the Fat Belly Diet is about . . . and thanks for stopping by my blog! I always love that. :) And I miss you!! Hope your Monday is a happy one. :) P.S. Have you heard of Nana's cookies? I probably shouldn't bring them up since you're working on your weight loss goals, but I wasn't sure if you knew about them--they have a whole line of gluten free cookies that seem pretty "healthy" (as far as cookies go) . . . I haven't tried them but ran into them during some job searching. I think they're based in SD. Anyway . . . :)

  3. Good work Bonnie T!!!! Keep it up--holy cow 9 lbs! :)

  4. Hey Bonnie, I did not know you had a blog!! I am so excited. I was on Ben's wife's blog and I saw "Bonnie" and I got all excited. I am going to follow you. Love you tons!