Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Short Sentences...

Sore shoulder.
On the mend.

Back to work.
Way behind.

Icy roads.
Take it slow.

Stupid cough.
Worse at night.

Losing weight.


  1. Bonnie! I am so impressed by your weight loss goals and determination! Woohoo! :) I've been feeling a little sluggish since the holidays myself, so I've been working to get my mind back into shape.

    Funny that you've been tempted by those chocolates. Ever since marrying Jim, I've been tempted by chocolate, too! And I'm a salty gal like you! Ugh. My problem is that not only do I crave chocolate after dinner, I also want home-popped popcorn with butter! So yeah . . . needing to get my mind into healthy-lifestyle gear. :)

    I'm so sorry you ended up in the emergency room with your shoulder! I hope it's feeling better soon. But you're definitely inspiring me! Love you!!

    (This long comment is just like my long e-mails and voicemails! :) )

  2. Hey hey! I just emailed you. I waaaay crave home-popped corn with butter-that's usually what I eat after 8. It doesn't taste nearly as good at 6!