Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not really an emergency...

So, after my post on Thursday, I got busy on the bike. After bribing myself to go 15 minutes, I decided on 20 and was feeling all great and stuff. I got on the balance ball to do some sit ups and tried to adjust my position so I wouldn't run into the TV... and I fell off the ball! Yup, tipped myself right over onto my right shoulder. I heard things crunch and groan and somehow got myself on my feet, then called my friend Anita who was at a wedding reception down the street. She and her husband and boys came and rescued me. After an emergency room visit just long enough to be enjoying the Jazz game (Jazz won at the buzzer on a 3 pointer from that great 10 day contract guy), I was sent home with a sling, some drugs, and instructions to see my doc if all isn't well in a week.

I'm feeling okay and plan to get on the bike again today. Yesterday was kind of pain-filled, but I think I got really lucky and nothing was too badly damaged.

Best of all, I didn't come home and eat comfort food after the hospital visit. I thought about it, but my good habit streak is really inspiring me. Yay!

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