Sunday, August 22, 2010


I had really hoped to hit a 15 pound milestone with blog #15, but fell short. I lost .5 this week. Still, I am content with my progress towards this goal and I admit I didn't make the choices to achieve more spectacular results. Two cases in point: 1) I carefully planned my treats for the Friday swim and stamp fest, but when the Ranch flavored Doritos appeared, I gobbled; and 2)Yesterday I went to Despicable Me (such a cute show!) with Tamsin and Emma. We got there early, so we went to Wendy's and I got a kids' meal/happy meal. Without the bun and eating half the fries and Frosty, it was a respectable 8 Weight Watcher points, so not too bad. What did derail me was the movie popcorn--with butter. I knew I was eating too much of it (basically, any was too much because I certainly wasn't hungry) but I just kept at it. Argh.

My books still haven't arrived, but I also reserved some at the library on the off chance those would beat Amazon. I was thrilled that Shrink Yourself was available, so I've begun it. The basic premise is people who react to difficult situations by eating really feel powerless to deal with stress, depression, sadness, etc. in any other way. So Gould (the author) is going to show me how to regain power without using food. Interesting so far.

Anita, Richard and the boys are coming over for Anita's birthday dinner. We're having BBQ chicken salad, homemade ginger ale (Donna's recipe), gazpacho, grilled corn and avocado salsa, fruit, and of course cake and ice cream. Should be fun!

Thanks so much for your support and interest. My brother asked me the other day what was working this time-and I told him about blogging and about you-my friends and family who have allowed me to be honest and to whom I feel accountable. I am truly blessed.

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  1. Ok, Bonnie--I've officially read all of your 50 in 50 posts, and I have to say, you are amazing. I've always known that, even from our very first interactions, but you just keep on amazing me! And now I might get emotional because I miss you so much. Sure, I'm pregnant and overly emotional, but these tears are real, Bonnie. :) I love you and I'm so proud of you! I know you can achieve your goal, and I know you have strength and courage beyond what you can see. Take it from me--a girl who's seen you deal with illness, stress, heartbreak, the weight of leadership and management and of bearing many, many others' burdens, and so much more--you are beyond incredible. Keep on going, Bonnie. I will be your cheerleaderly friend forever! My belly and I both! :) Love you, my dear friend!