Tuesday, August 3, 2010

50 in 50 #11: 10 Pound Milestone

Yay, I hit my milestone!

I typed that sentence last Wednesday as an encouragement to me, and I'm really happy to not have to delete it.

I was about 80/20 with control vs. throw caution to the wind. Maybe closer to 60/40 by the end of the week. Clark and Lyndsay brought some chocolate back from Europe, so I did enjoy some of that. German chocolate doesn't have as many calories, right? Oh, and Tamsin made some really yummy gluten-free birthday cake for Emma's celebration, so I had a large piece of cake and some ice cream. Otherwise, I just tried to keep my portions in control and stick to my pre-planned treats.

Here's the list of my NSV's (non-scale victories):
1. Side salad instead of fries for lunch
2. No mexi-fries (tater tots) for dinner
3. Very little caffeine
4. Worked out at Curves before we left on Wednesday
5. Used my pre-packed snacks
6. Ate grapes at Mesa Verde instead of filling up on other snacks
7. Recorded my food
8. Stood on a train for 4 hours
9. Drank lots of water
10. Read my Diane (Curves founder) magazine
11. On the way home, only ate 15 potato chips when I really wanted the whole bag

Here's a brief trip summary (non-food): Wednesday we drove to Monticello Utah and stayed there for the night. Emma (my 3 year old grand niece), kept calling our hotel a hotelo since we were in Monticello. Pretty hysterical, huh? Thursday we met up with three of the Arizona-ites at Mesa Verde. Loved it! That night we finally joined with the rest of the family and found our great cabin/house just outside of Durango. Friday my sister, brother-in-law and I rode the train on a narrow gauge railroad from Durango to Silverton. Beautiful! We stood in the open air gondola most of the time. Saturday was a slice of heaven. Lazy morning, brief jaunt to historic Durango, then back to the house for a lazy afternoon and Emma's birthday celebration. Sunday was all about traveling home.

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  1. Go you Bonnie! What an awesome NSV list - you rock!! Have a great week :)