Thursday, August 12, 2010

50 in 50 #12

Wow! The week's gone fairly well. I skipped my workout this morning, but plan to make it up with some bike time tonight. I've felt a bit slippery in my efforts this week. I wish I could put it in more specific terms, but slippery feels like a good description. I think it began with travelling home on Sunday. I usually use Sunday as a time to plan the whole week. This week I've felt less like I'm in charge of my life and more like it's in charge of me! I've been dipping into my extra weekly Weight Watchers points more than in the past weeks. I feel nibbly. Guess I'll see what the scale brings. I'm really hoping to get under 280 (pathetic to set my sights for happiness on a 279 number, isn't it?).

I made gazpacho last night-so yummy! When I can, I'll add the recipe to this post.

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