Friday, December 17, 2010

#45: A Calorie Saving Christmas Miracle

I must share a funny story. Sunday night I thought I was going to perish because of a massive craving for chocolate. Surprisingly, I didn't die--nor did the craving. By Monday night I couldn't fight it any more so I stopped at the store and bought a bag of Reese's miniature cups and some pumpkin seeds. I ate about 10 Reese's and 1/4 of the bag of pumpkin seeds, then tucked the plastic bag of treats, wrappers and shells next to the recliner. Tuesday night, a bit more of the same. Wednesday night I was looking forward to polishing off the two bags and couldn't wait to get home after a long work day and indulge. Well, my dear friend Anita surprised me by sending a lady to clean my house for me as a Christmas surprise. I walked in the house to a sparkling kitchen, immaculate living room, tidied up craft room, and a treat bag free television room! I searched high and low, but my treat bag must have appeared to be trash because I never found it. Hee hee! Saved by the cleaning lady.

I'm very happy with my efforts to stay away from the holiday goodies at work and I hope to have some scale success to report on Sunday!


  1. Thanks for made me smile. My weakness this time of year is my husband's breads. Yes, I said husband...he does the baking in our house. And he makes a killer banana bread. The edges have a hint of crispness to them, but the inside is oh so moist. So this year, we are storing the bread in the freezer in our boat house. It would take a mighty HUGE craving for me to don my coat, hat, mittens and boots to make the trek in the snow to the boathouse.

  2. wow, nice gift to get. I hope you'll do well on the scale....hope your keeping up with praising......think of you often