Thursday, December 30, 2010


Where have I been? What happened to last Thursday and Sunday? Was I reluctant to post, hoping if I waited I'd have positive scale news? Did I think perhaps you'd forget my goal of 50 pounds in 50 blogs? Is it because with each post I have to face the fact that I'm not going to achieve that goal? Is it just that Christmas and Leadership (for Stampin' Up!) have taken my routine and tossed it upside down? Am I beginning this post with too many questions?

I now weigh 278.5. Hmm, when I typed that I accidentally typed 378.5, so maybe I just lost 100 pounds! Silly me. The numbers on the scale really are just numbers. This last weeks those numbers have been 274, 276, 275.5 and 277. Numbers. I would LOVE to see a 269 prior to Leadership on January 13.

On the awareness and tracking scale, I'd have to give myself a big fat (pun intended) 10. That's out of 140 for the last two weeks. I haven't been tracking my food on Weight Watchers. Want my excuse for that? In late November, Weight Watchers updated the way points are calculated, so all the regular foods that I took the time to figure out have to be re-calculated and I'm just too busy. I haven't been self praising. I'm not reading my food therapy books every day.

Don't despair--I have renewed determination. Every year between Christmas and New Year's, I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I won't take the time to explain the Book of Mormon more than to say it's another testimony of Jesus Christ, but if you want to research more, go to Anyway, as I read it each year, I pick a theme for myself. This year's theme is Alma 38:10, "...I would that ye would be diligent and temperate in all things." Perfect for me, huh? I need to be diligent in recording my food, reading my books, exercising, and praising myself. I need to be temperate in my eating and my television watching. My weekly goals will reflect that.

Gentle readers (to borrow from Austen and such), I thank you for going on this journey with me. I thought it would be a 50 in 50 neatly wrapped package that could be made into a delightful movie, but it's becoming clear to me this is more like a reality show--warts and all.


  1. Just think about all you have accomplished this year...WOW! Plus - you're that much farther along on your journey. Thank you for sharing your authentic self with us each week. It's a really brave thing to do and I'm so proud of you---warts and all!

  2. keep hanging in will happen! I agree with Dawn, it really is a brave thing your doing! Hugs! Deb

  3. Bonnie, what a cool thing to do between Christmas and New Year's. I love that idea! And you know . . . I think it's the smaller, as-you-go goals that work better for me . . . like your "269 before Leadership" as opposed to your "50 pounds in 50." At least for me, I focus better when I'm focused more on the near future. And I procrastinate much more easily when I'm focused on the farther-away future.

    Either way, I'm so proud of you. Your continual effort and straight forward honesty with yourself and your blog readers is both inspiring and endearing. And I didn't think you could be any more endearing! ;)

    Love you, friend! Happy New Year! (And good luck with last minute Leadership preparation! I'm sure you and your team are going to be fab. :) )