Wednesday, July 18, 2012

261: Convention Check In Day

The scale wasn't kind this morning but I'm okay with it. Today was a busy, busy, busy day. Did I say busy? Cuz it was. Lots of behind the scenes work; class rehearsals, setting up for night stamping classes, hugging friends, smiling at friends-to-be, and preparing for classes tomorrow. I'm tuckered out!
It was easy to stay on my Medifast program today. I did have two potato chips with bacon dip at lunch, but otherwise I was happy with my Medifast food. For dinner I had salmon, roasted veggies, and caprese salad. I'm certain mozzarella isn't on my list of Lean and Green right now...and the salmon and veggies were prepared with some oil or butter, but overall I'm feeling okay both physically and emotionally. I also forgot to eat my 3:00 meal until nearly 4:30. I was just...busy.

The most amazing part of today was all the supportive friends who commented on my progress and efforts. I am feeling so motivated by their encouragement! That social support means so much to me...especially from friends who are on the same journey. Jennifer--you started it all and made my day. Really and truly.

Okay, I'm ready to hit the hay. I've got more chapters in The Game of Thrones to read before I close my eyes. I'm kind of eager to see the scale in the morning--lots of dashing to and fro today (doesn't that count as exercise?).

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  1. yes it's movement, Im proud of you no matter what, keep on keeping on friend Bonnie! cyber hugs but would rather be there with the real thing,