Thursday, July 19, 2012


I got on the scale twice. Arghh. Still, weighing every day brings ups and downs. Today was the best food and water day this week, so we'll see what tomorrow's scale visit brings.
It was a great day. Our opening session was off the charts--the opening video is amazing! Let's see if I'm smart enough to link to it...

I'll be surprised if that works--doesn't look right, but it took me twenty minutes to even try. Go to YouTube and search for Stampin' Up! convention video. It was a blast to be part of!

We had two classes today. All I do is kind of host the class. Ronda Wade and Tami White are sharing tips about how they run their SU businesses. They did a great job. I dashed to Memento Mall during lunch and to help for a bit, but I didn't last long. After our afternoon class, I got dolled up and joined Holly Linford for a duet. Don't know how good we sounded, but it was very fun. Dinner, then Awards Night.

Love my job; love convention!


  1. the video worked it was awesome and you look terrific, would love to hear your duet......ya i don't want much.
    have a wonderful day and thank for posting!

    NH Deb

    Sending hugs

  2. The duet was really, really good! And you look great! I have lost 25 pounds, but I don't have the courage you have to post it online. The sad part is, I could lose another 100 pounds and not be anorexic! lol I do love it that you are funny, and such a good stamper! Even down, you are better than most on their good days! I loved the Christmas items that you made. Love, love, love the little tags. I had bought them and then wondered what i was going to do with them! You rock!