Friday, June 29, 2012

The Results are In!

First let me report on my science fair experiment (sorry Cathi, no poster!). I got SICK. Soooo sick. Pain in my gut, please let me throw up or die sick. Couldn't sleep sick. Then sick because I couldn't sleep.

I should confess that the evening of the sushi lunch I took a friend to dinner for her birthday. I ate the fish and cabbage from two fish tacos. The fish was ono (very tasty, like halibut in firmness and not fishiness) and was lightly coated/breaded. Oops.

I'm not doing that again. I'm not sure if the sick was from too many carbohydrates all at once, too many calories total for the day, or gluten. To tell the truth, I don't care. I won't be doing more science experiments to isolate the causality of the SICK. You'll just have to deal with the ambiguity!

I finished week three with a two pound weight loss bringing me to a total of 18 pounds (I've lost one more since then). I'm feeling pretty darn good about my progress and choices.

It's surprising how when something clicks; it works. Wait. That makes it sound like this is all luck. I guess I mean that I hit the proverbial 'rock bottom' this time--not because of a number on the scale, but because of poor health as a result of poor eating habits. So because I was ready and determined to make a change, Medifast has been a perfect fit for me right now. I truly feel I was inspired to look at the website and take the plunge.

Why this is working:
1) The time of year--shakes and drinks are perfect for hot days. A brownie is perfect anytime.
2) The support system--family, friends, colleagues and my Medifast coach.
3) Having a meal every 2-3 hours. My glucose levels are stable--no peaks and valleys.
4) I have a big event in a few weeks--a nice motivation.
5) I am seeing results nearly every day.
6) I've been diligently recording my meals on the Support in Motion site for Medifast users.

My sister Loene lost 100 pounds when she was 50. I'm looking forward to sharing that accomplishment with her! She proved that even if you're "older" or going through hormonal fluctuations, weight loss can be a reality.


  1. Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear you got sick from your sushi/breaded ono day. But it sounds like you're feeling better now, so thank goodness for that. And you are doing AMAZING on Medifast! I am so thrilled for you (and so impressed)! Woohooty-hoot-hoo!! :) You are the bomb-diggity, Bonnie! Can't wait to hear your next report! :)

    P.S. I think you called me this morning--did you? I am on vacation with Cate at Jim's family's family reunion--I'll call you back when I'm back in town early next week! :)

  2. so happy for you!! not getting sick but the rest. Wish i was going to see you in July......Bet you will be just glowing....more than normal. Hugs to you my friend!!