Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sushi and Me on Week Three

Today at lunch I had sushi. I knew we were heading to lunch to celebrate my friend Jill's birthday. That was cool--Lean and Green all the way, right? When I found out we were going for sushi I knew I was in trouble. Here's why:

1) I love sushi.
2) Sushi is pricey. When my boss is payin', I'm eatin'.
3) I'm not a super knowledgeable sushi-ite, so going with experienced 'roll'ers makes it fun.
4) I don't have many friends who like sushi, so it's a treat on many levels to have a sushi lunch.

I wanted to order a dry chicken breast and a salad. No I didn't! Who wants a dry chicken breast and a salad? Still, that's what I planned to order, then eat maybe one (or two) pieces of sushi.

No chicken. Sushi. Ten pieces of Mexican, TNT, and various sushi rolls with names I don't remember.

Yummy. Not too disastrous calorically, but waaaaay too many carbs. It will be interesting to see how this impacts me. Scale? Energy? Cravings?

I'm choosing to analyze the fallout from my sushi lunch as a science experiment. My hypotheses are: 1) My weight will remain the same, 2) My cravings will increase, and 3) I will feel head-achey and sinus pressure-y.

Will Mr. VandenBosch (my 8th grade science teacher) want me to make a poster board display of my findings?

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  1. Bonnie, this post made me so sad I couldn't join in the sushi fun! Where did you guys go to eat? It seems like there are tons of new restaurants up there . . . I hope you had a fabulous time, and only the first of your hypotheses was proven correct. :) Love you! Let's do sushi when I'm in town next, okay??