Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Report and Medifast Week 2

After a great week 1 on Medifast, I was feelin' all sorts of cocky.

I had a rough patch at work on Thursday--just didn't lead a meeting very successfully and was feeling emotional about it, but I had plans to join some friends who were scrapbooking Thursday night and Friday all day which gave me something to look forward to.  

Thursday night at my friend's house I accidentally made my shake with the water I had warmed for my soup (I like my soup much better if it sits for a few hours and I reheat it), so I was in a quandary. I couldn't eat the soup because it hadn't had time to 'stew' and I didn't want my shake hot...so I stuck it in the fridge at my friend's house and ended up waiting an extra hour to eat.

Friday morning I didn't get my first meal until about 9:30, which threw me off for the day. I usually eat breakfast at 7:30, so my meal schedule is 10, 12, 3, 6, then 8. With a late start, I just never found my groove--so I ended up with a meal at 10 p.m. which just felt wrong on many levels. Who knew an on-the-go meal plan could be so complex? Sheesh! The other issue with Friday was my water. I struggled to get 64 oz in. On a normal work day, I have 24 oz before I even get to work, then another 64 oz while I'm in the office. Not so on Friday. And I was kind of grumpy. I wanted to scrapbook, but didn't have my mojo going. I finally left at 4:00 and stopped at Carl's Jr. for my lean and green meal--figuring a lettuce wrapped burger would be fine. Then I changed my mind and got chicken, thinking that would be a healthier choice. It would have been, except the chicken was that pressed stuff, not a real chicken breast. Ick! Still, I was hungry, so I ate it. Oh, and they messed up, so I got it on a bun (threw it away). Okay, here's the real issue. I got a combo. With fries. You might ask, "Bonnie, what were you thinking?" I was thinking I wanted a Diet Coke with my meal and it would be just as cheap to just get a combo and I might just lick one french fry. I ate three fries. They were very, very good. It was a pain to figure out how many calories I'd eaten because I couldn't find anything online about three fries, so I weighed three remaining fries and figured out the ounces and estimated about 70 calories to account for the oil. Who knows?

Saturday I woke up early then fell asleep reading, so breakfast was at 10...which made for a repeat of the Friday 'off' schedule except I skipped my last meal instead of eating at 10 p.m. again. I ended up grocery shopping around 5 p.m. and bought some pine nuts because the Quick Start Guide says I can have 40 of them as a snack. I also bought fat free cheese and turkey pepperoni which are low in carbs but not in the Quick Start Guide. And I bought the wrong kind of pickles--Famous Dave's spicy which I thought meant dill, but are more bread and butter-ish. Yum! Yikes!

By the end of the day on Sunday I had eaten all the pine nuts, three slices of cheese and two pickle spears. I'm not beating myself up about it, but aiming for a clear look at my behavior. I really feel I was upset about the Thursday meeting and trying to find a way to cope with it--food has always been my best friend in situations like that.

The good news is yesterday I 'fixed' my Thursday mistake. And I pledge to 'eat clean' for the rest of week 2 on Medifast.


  1. You're doing great! It's all about recognizing your behavior. Now you're back on the plan and moving forward. You go girl!

  2. just keep keeping on.....you will get there, I have lots of faith in you. relearing habits we have had for many many years isn't the easiest but will happen if you keep working at it. we need to eat to live but don't need to live to eat....i'm still working at it and it will take a while. I'm lossing a little each week and hope i can keep that up too.
    I love you lots!

    NH Deb

  3. Bonnie, the fact that you thought you might lick a french fry is hysterical. And I'm actually really impressed you only ate three fries. I'm not sure I'd have had that same control in your situation. I'd probably have eaten a whole lot more. Anyway, I'm so proud of you for not beating yourself and for getting back on track. You deserve some serious kudos for that. (By the way, I'm sorry about the Thursday meeting not going as well as you hoped . . . wish I could've been there to smile at you and decompress afterwards.) Good luck with the rest of week 2! If I could do a little Jaimey dance/cheer for you, you know I would! :)

    P.S. My sis bought Medifast a few days ago . . . you totally inspired her! :)