Thursday, September 27, 2012

251.6: Results!

I'm nearly convinced to put in another Medifast order. It's only money, right? Hah! I wonder what it would feel like to do things without worrying about the cash aspect. Sigh...

Last night and today were intense work days. Days that leave me seeking food as a comfort, a motivator, or a reward. I am so pleased to report that I have stayed firm!

It wasn't easy. Last night I chose to go for a drive and see the lovely Utah mountains with the leaves changing colors and the smell of autumn so pungent I could nearly taste it. My friend Rosann and her dog Salsa joined me in what I like to call a "quest to find fall foliage." Even though my phone camera isn't the best, I had to share!

Check back tomorrow--I know I'll be down another pound. Maybe more!


  1. woo hoo for you. Pretty photos too!

    Hugs, NH Deb

  2. Pretty pictures! Makes me miss fall in Utah... And I know you will lose that pound(and more)!

  3. Bonnie, you go, girl! :) And thank you for sharing the journey with us. I love hearing all about it, the setbacks and the triumphs, because you remind me to just keep trying and to not be so hard on myself. Love you, Bonnie! And thanks for the pictures! I love the colors of fall. :)