Thursday, July 22, 2010

50 in 50 #6

I can't believe it's Thursday already! I'm in my hotel room at the Monaco in downtown Salt Lake. In 5 hours (yes folks it's 5 a.m!) I will be presenting with my friend Jill Kocherhans. I hope it goes well. I need to just relax, have fun, and make it a memorable experience for the demonstrators.

Monday went well-lots of walking and lots of time with my team getting the Make & Take and Paper, Pad & Marker rooms ready. Lots of calls to the SU office to tie up some loose ends. I enjoy my team so much! They each bring a different strength and personality to the group.

Tuesday I really struggled. I ate a Clif bar for breakfast and by noon I was starving. I ate 22 points worth of food for lunch! Fast forward to later on the same day (isn't this riveting?) when I got to my hotel room at 5 feeling hot and tired. I had quite a bit of work to do, so I passed on going to dinner with the gang. I had planned to order room service but I just couldn't rationalize $22 for a side salad. I'm exaggerating, but you know how it is; the price is $12 plus tax plus 20% gratuity plus $2.50 service fee (soooo, what's the tip for?). Anyway, I walked (no small feat) over to Lamb's Grill. It's been around for years, a downtown tradition. Sadly, my meal just didn't cut it. I had a small chicken breast and some mashed potatoes.

Here's the problem: Before I went to get dinner, I logged my points so far and opened the small bag of trail mix I grabbed at the convention center. I swear I was possessed or something--I couldn't stop munching at it. Nuts, craisins, M&M's--kind of healthy, right? It was 11 points! And the gory details don't stop-I also ate a 5 point Salted Nut Roll.

I pulled it together on yesterday. Kept to the plan. I had such a great time watching the rehearsals for all the classes and visiting with demonstrators! The party last night was a blast! I feel super groovy, man!

The bad news is I've eaten all my extra points for the week. The good news is I've earned extra activity points each day because of the dashing about.

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